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MyDVD duration issues



hi all,


first time poster here. apologies if this has been discussed before, but the search for duration issues yielded nothing, so here goes...


I am using MyDVD (6.2.0) to burn programs recorded on my Tivo. they are mainly games in sports (hockey for the most part). I edit to cut out the commercials and such in order get the recording to fit on the disc. I've been using it for a few months off and on. I use single layer DVD blanks (4.7GB) and also use the HQ option (2 hours).


lately, no matter how much stuff I snip out such as the 17 minutes long intermission parts, MyDVD would still insist it is 3 hours long and would not fit on the HQ even though all the editing would leave me with around 2 hours of the recording.


another thing is that when I choose the Fit-to-DVD option, it says I would have 2 hours of space remaining.


what gives?


any help and or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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HQ quality is around 8bps encoding rate and will only allow at a maximum around an hour and a half. Anything longer than that will have to use a lower quality setting. Fit to disc will decide a profile that will fit your video and change the encoding settings a little bit to make the disc space as efficient as possible; it's not always going to squeeze everything on perfectly. It sounds like the SP setting would be the right size for what you're doing, you should be able to fit a little upwards of 2 hours.

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