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8000x faster at finding files than a 10,000 rpm SATA WD Raptor WD740ADFD

5500x faster at finding files than a 15,000 rpm SAS Seagate Savvio or Maxtor Atlas 15k II SAS drive

125x faster at serving files than a WD Raptor, certainly the fastest SATA drive on the market.

110x faster at serving files than any 15,000 rpm U320 SCSI or SAS drive.


"The HyperDrive4 has a uniform Sustained Transfer Rate of 126 MB per second (as measured by HDTach), whereas the WD740ADFD Raptor has an average STR of 77 MB per second, and the 15,000 rpm Seagate-Maxtor Atlas manages 98 MB per second STR."


"The HyperDrive4 is Bootable.

It connects just like a Hard Disk or a CDROM.

CDROM drive form factor. It fits into a standard 5.25" CD bay.

It Does not require any drivers.

IDE/PATA and SATA connectors

ATA133 UDMA6 bus

Solid state technology"





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