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Tag info, why doesn't it stay with the file after editing?



Hi All,


I've ripped a cd from my music collection but unfortunately some of the tag info listed by CDDB isn't correct. Using the tag editor in EMC9 I've corrected the information but there doesn't seem to be any way to save this information with the file. After editing, when I re-open the file, changes aren't saved and the file still has the incorrect tag info. Unfortunately the help file notes that the "save" option doesn't always appear when editing tags. With the music files I have (both mp3 and WAV), the "save" function has never been an option, so is there something that I'm overlooking?

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Not sure what it could be.I opened a track in Tag Editor.Then I changed the name of the artist.When I looked at the track in WMP I saw the name as I changed it to.

Are you sure you put a check next to "Embed or replace..." in Tag Editor?

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