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Why is it that during validating project ..... ?



After completing a set of movie clips. and after validating project does not show any errors, that the encoding still fails. I know the problem is about the file, and the compatibility issues with the encoding process. I am just upset that the validation of the project did not show any problems. Also, the application just hangs, it does not capture the error, or the file that is causing the error, i.e., "so and so file is not compatible, or needs third party codecs" or whatever is causing the error. Sometimes I have to do a hard boot to recover from the "appHung".


Also, while replacing the panels, opening the explorer to select the next file takes about 60 to 120 seconds. Thing is, maybe there is a multiple selection of panels, so that the I can also select multiple replacements, but I have to select each panel, and each time the Roxio explorer comes up, it takes more time again, because each file has to be tag with the proper icons.

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Validate does a lot less than you think it does. It checks to see that the files exists and is in the location it 'remembers' it should be in. I think it looks a file to make sure a jpg is a jpg or an mpg is a mpg file, but it does not render the file and that is probably where the problem is.


Without any details about your project or the source files, it is not possible to even guess what the problem may be.

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