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No Compatible Device



Hello-I'm running EMC 7.5 and have made quite a few DVD's from digital tape with the plug and burn option-Tried to do this after after some time away and I get a message that reads-No Compatible Device and cannot proceed to burn my DVD from digital mini tape-

Any thoughts on this and thanks in advance for your help!!

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Uninstall it.IE7 breaks V7 of Roxio.Roll back to IE6.If you need directions they have them on the Microsoft website.

OK went in and checked my version of IE and have discovered that I have not upgraded-At this point I am running:


Version:6.0 2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr. 061219-0316

Cipher Strength: 128 bit

Product ID: 76477-OEM-0011903-00102

Update Version:; sp2;


So on that note what are your thoughts??

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Open the Device Manager and check the Properties for the burner. Are any error messages listed?


Do any of the other programs in the suite recognize your burner, Classic, Disc Copier?

Everything seems to be up to par-What's happening is that it's not detecting my video camera-is this why No Compatible Device shows up-or is NCD unrelated to the video camera??

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