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Uninstall EMC 7.5/Upgrade to EMC 9



Ok let me try and explain what is happening-bare in mind that my computer knowledge is not at the expert level like some of you folks on this site!!


I have EMC 7.5 installed on my system at this point-I wanted to plug and burn from digital mini tape to a DVD <_< which I have done in the past successfully but not since November of 2006. When I went to try and P&B I would get a message that indicating No Compatible Device.


Since I had purchased EMC 9 but had not installed the program I decide to give it a try-Downloaded but was given a message that indicated a bad install-tried to uninstall 7.5 but am unable to do so successfully. While trying to uninstall and have even tried the Repair I get a message that reads: error while deleting


When I tried to P&B with EMC 9 I received a message that indicated:


Warning-The following codec(s) must be activated before using the application: MPeg-2 Click OK to Activate or cancel to Abort


Well when going to activate it does not work so I have to cancel to abort!!


I am running Windows XP Home Edition on a Dell 8400-I use Mozilla 99.0% of the time and run IE6.0 when I have to!!


Any suggestions or help on this matter would be greatly appreciated-


Thanks in advance!!!

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