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Dvd Music Disc Plays Audio Extremely S-l-o-w



I had some podcasts that I was burning to a DVD Music disc. After the disc was burned and I played it, the audio was playing really really slowly. What did I do wrong? Before burning the DVD, I used the edit button in Toast to play the track first, and it sounded normal. But after burning the DVD played the track in slow motion. Help please.

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Toast 7.01 doesn't help either players - still creates the slowed down music DVD's - whats a boy to doooooooooo? But seriously if anyone has any solutions - let me know - that included you nice roxio coders who are responsible for 3 coasters now.

Thank you



P.S. Does anyone know if 7.0 helps or does it create the same slowed down crap?

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Wow, am I glad to find this thread - thought I was crazy when I tried playing back on several machines and got the s-l-o-w-e-d down versions.


My question is, being very new to Mac, how do I get back to a prior version of Toast ( I did the upgrade to 7.0.2)?


Do I need to reinstall the application?


Thanks again,


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Toast 7.0.1 doesn't have the problem. If you use 7.0.1 and re-burn, it should be just fine. If it's not, make sure the converted times folder is empty. All the files will have to be re-encoded.


Thank you for the solutions - great advice! I appreciate it. :)

ksbayny :huh::D

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