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Multiple Copies Option Grayed Out in Disc Copier

Memories By Design


I cannot change the number of copies from the "Burn Options" menu. The option is grayed out at 1 copy and won't allow me to click on it to change it.


We installed it on a Windows Media Center Edition computer and we also tried it on our Vista machine with the same results.


We have a blank disc in and tried several different discs. We restarted several times. We un-installed and re-installed. We un-installed Roxio Easy CD and DVD Copier and then re-installed Copy and Convert 3.


Any Ideas?



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It's actually Copier 9, cd.




Thank you, Brendon. I take it that's a retail version of Copy and Convert? Does that Build # (Build 910B41G ENU) match your retail version in EMC 9 Disc Copier? :unsure:


Oh, I did notice the drive. :)



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A way around it would be to burn it to an image file and then go back into Disc Copier and use the CD & DVD copy tab to make multiple copies.

Why it changed I have no idea.I use EMC9 and it's Disc Copier does the same thing.

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Yes, I owe that guy a lot, cd.


Things are very curious on my machine. Depends very much on version . . .


EMC9 Suite, Copier9 build 900B88F ENU running a video compilation will let me see AVI, ASF, MPG and WMV files (will let me see MOV if I download Apple's player) won't let me see FLV, RM, RAM, or MPG files with the MPEG extension.

It will let me select the number of copies of the compilation to make.


EMC9 Deluxe, Copier9 build 906B10N ENU running a video compilation will allow or deny seeing the same file extensions, but won't let me burn more than 1 copy of the compilation.

Comparing 9 Suite with 9 Deluxe it seems that on my machine at least, a step forward takes me a pace to the rear. :rolleyes:


I can't check with 9 trial because it expired.


I'm in big trouble with Copy & Convert, because despite installing it four times I still can't get it to see any video files except DVD video (VOBs).

It won't see any of those filetypes above, and especially it won't see my DivX AVIs, although it claims to convert them to and fro.


There might be some problem with my C&C, but I would have hoped at least one install out of the four might have worked.


(p.s. Love your lizard)

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Module Name: Roxio Copy & Convert

Version: 3.4.0

Build: 340B26A

Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006


Thank you, do you have something also like this along with the above?


Module Name: PX Engine

Build: X.X.XXX, X

Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006




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That's what we suggest for our customers. Just make an ISO and burn from that. That's a work around and I would like to suggest a program for our customers that doesn't use work arounds.


When I first installed Copy and Convert 3, the number in that grayed out section was actually a "10".


I had installed v.3 over the top of version 2, and the last number of copies I had done in version 2 was "10".


So I changed the number in version 2 to "1", then opened up v.3 and the grayed out number had changed to "1".


So the number CAN change. V.3 just won't let you change it.


They must have made a mistake in some programing check box when they made the final build of the program. Oooppps. :)

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if you do Video Complilation, you won't be able to change that number...


In Roxio Easy DVD Copier 2, which was the previous version of this software, I was able to change that number. Why would they disable the feature in version 3?? I even loaded back up version 2 and double checked. Making a Video Compilation in version 2, I am able to change that to any number of copies I want. Is that an intentional software change for version 3?

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