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DVD to iPod is slow



I tried to convert some DVDs to iPod or MPEG 4. During the first step you tell it the source and it compiles the information. Slow...but not too bad. The next step I chose MPEG 4 and at the bottom I selected 1.5 GB for the size. I also de-selected all sound files except AC-3 2 channel. I specified to copy it to a file and then chose the location (My Documents). When I clicked copy, the next thing I remember is waking up an hour later with my head on the table and an impression of the mouse chord on my face but we were only at about 20%. It is really slow.

I tried it on my laptop with 2GB ram, 60GB free HD, 64MB add-on video card, Pentium M and it was 3 times worse!

Is this typical. I upgraded from 8 for this feature and PodMAX was too slow but it didn't help unless it is more consistant than PodMAX.

Thanks Tim.

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You didn't give your computer specs, but on my machine it takes at LEAST the duration of the avi file to render for DVD.


I'd assume that the iPod rendering would be at least as slow

I roughly know it's about 768 mb ram and P IV with (2) 80 GB hard drives 128 mb Gforce video. Usually my notebook, being a business class, is faster but I guess the drives on the desktop are faster because my notebook doesn't stay at peek processor very long but my desktop peeks out more often. It makes me curious if there is a 'bottle-neck' I'm overlooking. Maybe a higher quality video card and more ram?

I can see how it might take as long as playing the DVD though. Bit-by-bit I guess. <_<


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