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Media Import detects DV Device, but won't allow selection



I have a Panasonic PV-GS12 MiniDV camera, and it is connected via firewire to my laptop. I can import video using the Windows program, and also with the Plug & Burn, but not the Media Import. My Panasonic shows as a potentail source selection, but when I select it, it pauses, and then goes back to 'Select a device' in the drop down... Very bizarre.....


Anyone have any suggestions???

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Yes. If you can import using Windows Movie Maker, use that then bring the video into VideoWave.


Also see if you can install the device again now that you have installed EMC9, IE: go into add & remove hardware and un-install it, then reboot and install it again to see if it will show now ?

just a thought?

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