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Hello Guys and Gals,


I am trying to figure out how to create a MP3 CD that can play in a car that is MP3 compatible. Meaning I don't want only 20-30 songs but what the CD can hold - 650MB worth of MP3's.


I usually use Nero but I'm trying out Roxio since Nero has been giving me some problems. I tried REMC 9 > Audio > Music Disc Creator. Simple enough, under project type I specified MP3/WMA Disc. I burned my MP3 songs onto a CD/R and attempted to play them on my car stereo but no dice. It would not recognize it. Please note that I am using the same CD burner and same type of CD as I have the past year to burn my songs and they played when burning w/ Nero.


I then searched Roxio's site and they suggested the following:


1. Open Creator Classic

a. Double-click on the "Roxio Easy Media Creator Home" icon on your Desktop.

b. Click on "Creator Classic" under the "Applications" section.

2. Create your project

a. Use the "Select Source" window at the top to browse your hard drive for the MP3

files you wish to add to a CD.

b. Once you locate the MP3(s) in question, simply use your mouse to drag them to

the "MP3 Disc Project" window (bottom half of screen)

c. Continue this process until the capacity of the CD is reached or all the MP3 files

have been added.

3. Burn your MP3 project to CD

a. Insert a blank disc into your recorder.

b. Click on the "Burn" icon.

c. In the "Roxio Creator Classic - Burn Progress" window, click on "Burn" to begin

recording, or click on the "Details>>" button to make some adjustments, such as

write speed.


Simple enough but for the step above 2b. - I only have the option of Data Disc, Multimedia Disc and Bootable Disc for the 'projects'. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Have you tried Music Disc Creator? You can select an 'MP3/WMA Disc' which works fine. You can find it either in the Applications part of the Home menu or in your Start/Programs/Roxio menu under Audio.

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