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Emc-8 Asks To Access The Internet



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Hi Dmawhinney...

It has an updater application that checks to see if a new service pack or update is avalable...

it dosnt use bandwith, but it will notify you with a popup if there is a new service patch for your version of product.

All the UK users this week got a notice of a new service pack (just for there version), so dont stop it , and with time you will see the updates as they become avalable.


The update shows when you use the products in the EMC range, so if you use any of the burning software ect , if there is an update , you will get a popup, but if you have a diferent version then you will not see it...

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Why does EMC8 ask to connect to the internet periodically as I work on a DVD project?


There is the auto updater which checks for updates...

There is CDDB which checks for track names...

There is also uPNP MyMedia space which is looking for uPNP devices on your network, it looks like it is the internet but if you check the IP address it may be your very own IP address or an IP on your internal network.

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