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Importing Video


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I have a DVD that I want to import using Easy CD and DVD software 6 (I just bought it today.) in order to edit a demo reel of my work. The DVD is about 32 mins long. When I went into Build DVD and to make movie, I was only able to import 14 seconds on my work. When I preview the video it only lasts for 6 seconds and then the picture freezes. I have been trying to import using vob. The original DVD I think is mpeg2 but when I click on that in the drop down menu nothing appears except, a notice stating there is no data in mpeg.


How do I import the entire video from the DVD and proceed to editing?



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Clearly some problem with the source…


How was it made?


Was it Finalized or was it a VR project?


Did you try it in Builder under Import?




Thanks for responding. I had my work on VHS and then I took it to a local video store that transferred my films to DVD-R. That's all I know. I did try it under Builder using Import as well. How should it have been transferred?



Thanks again

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That would be the "normal" method…


One alternative would be to copy the xxxx.vob files to your HD then rename them to xxxx.mpg. – I think you are going to run into the same problem, truncated or corrupt files.


Another possibility is to download and install the Trial Version of V9. Check the system requirements as they are pretty steep for that program.


After install, use Media Import and point it to your disc. It will capture as mpeg then you should be ready to roll in either V6 or V9.

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You also might want to check with the company that put the video on the DVD and see what they recommend.


I talked to one person on these board that had a company burn the files to a DVD, but they used MacIntosh/Apple computers and the files could only be read by that program. In fact, the person who put the video on the DVD wasn't aware of the problem until the person asked.


That's probably not the case for you, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

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