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It's possible that you might be talking about a "MUSIC CD" not a Music DVD ?? If that were the case, then EMC 9 will definitely make music CD's that will play on a CD player if in you car or anywhere else for that matter. This type of Music CD will play files that have the music tracks named "Track 1.cda, track 2.cda, etc.





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I recently purchased EMC 9 and I want to know if after burning a Music DVD if I can play it on a regular CD player ?


The laser beam on a normal cd player is much larger than that used by dvd players. Because the laser used with dvds are much finer, the dvd can store more data on its surfaces. HD DVD and Blu Ray use a blue laser which is even smaller, hence all the hype about how these new discs can store much more information than a DVD.


So in short, the answer you are looking for is no - it wont work. The cd player laser is unable to read a DVD, and even if it could, the circuitry inside the cd player would need to be a bit more advanced.


In case you're wondering, DVD laser heads are designed to be 'backwards compatible' with that of CDs, and is the reason they (usually) have no problems playing a CD.

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