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I have noticed that when I produce productions and burn this using creator etc.. When playing this on my dvd and my friends and family's, some would work on my families and friends and mine and some will not.


If I burn this on using a different software not mentioning no names they seem to work fine on all the dvd players?? I know what you are going to say is that some dvd player will play and not play etc.. but I am convinced its the way roxio burns the information. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me.


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Personally I never had any problems with anything I do being played on set-top machines. A lot is down to media, burn speed and so on and it's hard to make any copper plated reasons why. It's one of those flamin' things that no-one can really explain.


The software with no name (try calling it Clint Eastwood :lol:) as you said, 'seems' to work but I do know people who use that fiddly program and have exactly the same problem - the stuff won't play on all machines, so you maye have just been lucky with one and unlucky with the other

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