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Transfering material BACK to tivo?



I see that there is a new service out there (www.onetruemedia.com) that lets you put material (like home videos and slide shows) back onto TIVO. But their service is a pay service and you have to first upload to their site, then download to TIVO. Also, I see that TIVO is offering a BETA version of their TIVO TO GO software that will let you transfer home videos from your computer to your TIVO. However this is a PC Windows Program. NOW,,,, BIG THANKS to you guys at Roxio for helping us Macintosh people and providing a much better program for us. ... and i'm VERY thankful that you guys have created this program. It works great for me. BUT,,, now I want more! Can you give us the ability to xfer material BACK to our TIVOS?


Thanks Again,


Burbank, CA

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Hello louiew, Thank you so much for replying. I was feeling a bit un-loved as no one has replied to my post from a while back. I just went and looked at your solution and it looks REALLY cool. I had no idea it existed. I will be trying it out later tonight.


Best Regards,




There is a program called visualhub that will allow you to convert to the TIVO format for transfer back to TIVO. You use the tivo decktop for MAC and visual hub will update to allow video transfers. see www.visualhub.net
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