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I've done the clean install twice under Windows Vista. Disc copier will stop or crash after adding a video file. Video wave will freeze part way into the encoding process. Could this be a codec problem or does EMC9 only use its own codecs? I've removed some programs like the ATI software and codecs that apear in the add/remove program list. The following is the report from Gspot. How do I remove / reinstall or disable codecs for troubleshooting in Windows Vista Home? Can someone post a list of codecs installed by EMC9 and/or codecs installed on a working system.




¤ Video AVI Decompressor {CF49D4E0-1115-11CE-B03A-0020AF0BA770} 0x00600000 quartz.dll


ACM FmtTag: 0x0011 IMA ADPCM CODEC for MSACM msacm.imaadpcm 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> imaadp32.acm

ACM FmtTag: 0x0006 Microsoft CCITT G.711 (A-Law and u-Law) CODEC for MSACM msacm.msg711 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> msg711.acm

ACM FmtTag: 0x0007 Microsoft CCITT G.711 (A-Law and u-Law) CODEC for MSACM msacm.msg711 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> msg711.acm

ACM FmtTag: 0x0031 Microsoft GSM 6.10 Audio CODEC for MSACM msacm.msgsm610 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> msgsm32.acm

ACM FmtTag: 0x0002 Microsoft ADPCM CODEC for MSACM msacm.msadpcm 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> msadp32.acm

ACM FmtTag: 0x0055 MP3 CODEC for MSACM msacm.ctmp3 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> ctmp3.acm

ACM FmtTag: 0x0055 MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec for MSACM msacm.l3acm 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> l3codeca.acm

DMO MP4S Mpeg4s Decoder DMO {2A11BAE2-FE6E-4249-864B-9E9ED6E8DBC2} 0x00800001 qasf.dll --> mp4sdecd.dll

DMO MSS1 WMV Screen decoder DMO {7BAFB3B1-D8F4-4279-9253-27DA423108DE} 0x00000000 qasf.dll --> wmvsdecd.dll

DMO WMV1 WMVideo Decoder DMO {82D353DF-90BD-4382-8BC2-3F6192B76E34} 0x00800001 qasf.dll --> wmvdecod.dll

DMO Video Sonic AVC Decoder DMO {A1144A01-1E2E-450E-AB30-A3FC2B76C6E4} 0x00340031 qasf.dll --> sonich264dec_dmo.dll

DMO MP43 Mpeg43 Decoder DMO {CBA9E78B-49A3-49EA-93D4-6BCBA8C4DE07} 0x00800001 qasf.dll --> mp43decd.dll

DMO MPG4 Mpeg4 Decoder DMO {F371728A-6052-4D47-827C-D039335DFE0A} 0x00800001 qasf.dll --> mpg4decd.dll

DMO FmtTag: 0x0160 WMAudio Decoder DMO {2EEB4ADF-4578-4D10-BCA7-BB955F56320A} 0x00800800 qasf.dll --> WMADMOD.DLL

DMO WMAudioV9 WMAPro over S/PDIF DMO {5210F8E4-B0BB-47C3-A8D9-7B2282CC79ED} 0x00000000 qasf.dll --> WMADMOD.DLL

DMO WMSP1 WMSpeech Decoder DMO {874131CB-4ECC-443B-8948-746B89595D20} 0x00000000 qasf.dll --> WMSPDMOD.DLL

DMO FmtTag: 0x0055 MP3 Decoder DMO {BBEEA841-0A63-4F52-A7AB-A9B3A84ED38A} 0x00000000 qasf.dll --> mp3dmod.dll

DSH XVID DivX Decoder Filter {78766964-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71} 0xff800000 divxdec.ax

DSH MPEG1Packet MPEG Video Decoder {FEB50740-7BEF-11CE-9BD9-0000E202599C} 0x40000001 quartz.dll

DSH MPEG1Packet MPEG Audio Decoder {4A2286E0-7BEF-11CE-9BD9-0000E202599C} 0x03680001 quartz.dll

DSH QTMovie Sonic MP4 Demultiplexer {A7DD2151-A645-409A-9B39-DF146D710E72} 0x00800101 sonicMP4Demux.ax

DSH Stream Sonic Solutions AMR Decoder {10BBD26A-3956-4445-8C8D-34E5E981A9B2} 0x00800003 sonicamrd.ax

DSH None CMML Decode Filter {BF1121D1-8739-45E1-BCD8-90B828F643AB} 0x00800002 dsfCMMLDecoder.dll

DSH Text Subtitle VMR9 Filter {5709E326-01D8-49AD-9D08-F8723112D82E} 0x00800002 dsfSubtitleVMR9.dll

DSH WMAudioV2 Windows Media Audio Decoder {22E24591-49D0-11D2-BB50-006008320064} 0x00800001 msadds32.ax

DSH XVID DivX Video Decoder 0001 {4AAF8228-0B52-4C63-8E26-49155811B390} 0x00800000 DivXDec.ax

DSH Video PICVideo MJPEG Decompressor {4C4CD9E1-F876-11D2-962F-00500471FDDC} 0x00800000 Pvmjpg20.dll

DSH TELETEXT WST Pager {AD6C8934-F31B-4F43-B5E4-0541C1452F6F} 0x00800000 WSTPager.ax

DSH DVSD DV Video Decoder {B1B77C00-C3E4-11CF-AF79-00AA00B67A42} 0x00800000 qdv.dll

DSH DOLBY_AC3 InterVideo Audio Decoder {7E2E0DC1-31FD-11D2-9C21-00104B3801F6} 0x00700000 iviaudio.ax

DSH MPEG2_VIDEO InterVideo Video Decoder {0246CA20-776D-11D2-8010-00104B9B8592} 0x00700000 IVIVIDEO.ax

DSH IV50 Indeo® video 5.10 Decompression Filter {30355649-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71} 0x00640000 Ir50_32.dll

DSH IV41 Indeo® video 4.4 Decompression Filter {31345649-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71} 0x00640000 Ir41_32.ax

DSH MJPG AVI Draw {A888DF60-1E90-11CF-AC98-00AA004C0FA9} 0x00600064 quartz.dll

DSH AUXLine21Data Line 21 Decoder 2 {E4206432-01A1-4BEE-B3E1-3702C8EDC574} 0x00600002 quartz.dll

DSH Avi DivX Demux 0001 {D30BB8C3-86E3-4B52-8586-5291313104AE} 0x00600001 DivXDemux.ax

DSH BDA MPEG2 Transport Information Filter {FC772AB0-0C7F-11D3-8FF2-00A0C9224CF4} 0x00600000 psisrndr.ax

DSH MPEG-2 Sections and Tables {C666E115-BB62-4027-A113-82D643FE2D99} 0x00600000 Mpeg2Data.ax

DSH Audio Decrypt/Tag {C4C4C4F2-0049-4E2B-98FB-9537F6CE516D} 0x00600000 EncDec.dll

DSH Avi DivX Demux {85516702-9C45-4A9C-861B-BC4492D355DC} 0x00600000 DivXMedia.ax

DSH VPVideo Video Port Manager {6F26A6CD-967B-47FD-874A-7AED2C9D25A2} 0x00600000 quartz.dll

DSH None FLAC Decode Filter {3376086C-D6F9-4CE4-8B89-33CD570106B5} 0x00600000 dsfFLACDecoder.dll

DSH None OGM Decode Filter {368DD7F2-5644-4A88-AC4C-D334B82660B5} 0x00600000 dsfOGMDecoder.dll

DSH None Speex Decode Filter {7605E26C-DE38-4B82-ADD8-FE2568CC0B25} 0x00600000 dsfSpeexDecoder.dll

DSH None Theora Decode Filter {05187161-5C36-4324-A734-22BF37509F2D} 0x00600000 dsfTheoraDecoder.dll

DSH None Vorbis Decode Filter {05A1D945-A794-44EF-B41A-2F851A117155} 0x00600000 dsfVorbisDecoder.dll

DSH DVSD MainConcept (Sonic) DV Video Decoder {0F070130-EE38-4847-9807-0D4234130F65} 0x00600000 sonicmcdsdv.ax

DSH Avi AVI Splitter {1B544C20-FD0B-11CE-8C63-00AA0044B51E} 0x00600000 quartz.dll

DSH DOLBY_AC3 AC3 Parser Filter {280A3020-86CF-11D1-ABE6-00A0C905F375} 0x00600000 mpg2splt.ax

DSH MJPG MJPEG Decompressor {301056D0-6DFF-11D2-9EEB-006008039E37} 0x00600000 quartz.dll

DSH Audio ACM Wrapper {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00600000 quartz.dll

DSH AUXLine21Data Line 21 Decoder {6E8D4A20-310C-11D0-B79A-00AA003767A7} 0x00600000 qdvd.dll

DSH VPVBI VBI Surface Allocator {814B9800-1C88-11D1-BAD9-00609744111A} 0x00600000 vbisurf.ax

DSH MPEG2_AUDIO Sonic Cinemaster® MCE Audio Decoder 4.11 {9F062738-CD84-4F54-A3C4-BD5EB44F416B} 0x00600000 CinemasterAudio.dll

DSH MPEG2_TRANSPORT MPEG-2 Demultiplexer {AFB6C280-2C41-11D3-8A60-0000F81E0E4A} 0x00600000 mpg2splt.ax

DSH PCM Roxio Mp3 Encoder (SC) {B7CCDD5D-DFE7-47ED-AE9A-18A40F7FCBBF} 0x00600000 RxDSMp3Encoder.ax

DSH DXRE DivX Subtitle Decoder {BA11F969-397A-4146-AC96-236C3D76711D} 0x00600000 DivXMedia.ax

DSH DXSB DivX Subtitle Encoder {C0E5FD03-CC2E-43DD-A4E1-54C9E8432BBE} 0x00600000 ** File Missing:

DSH DXRE DivX Subtitle Decoder 0001 {E8DC453E-0DE7-4249-A922-759063D21383} 0x00600000 DivXSubDec.ax

DSH MPEG1Video Ligos MPEG Splitter {CB51EFC1-40D6-11D3-B265-00A0C9A3A56F} 0x00600000 Mpeg2Parser.ax

DSH RGB24 DivX Encoder Filter {3C9FDCE9-C930-46D4-A47F-17D68A0E26C2} 0x00600000 ** File Missing:

DSH MPEG2_VIDEO Sonic Cinemaster® VideoDecoder 4.1 {D7D50E8D-DD72-43C2-8587-A0C197D837D2} 0x00600000 CinemasterVideo.dll

DSH MPEG1System MPEG-I Stream Splitter {336475D0-942A-11CE-A870-00AA002FEAB5} 0x00600000 quartz.dll

DSH DVSD DV Splitter {4EB31670-9FC6-11CF-AF6E-00AA00B67A42} 0x00600000 qdv.dll

DSH MPEG2_PROGRAM Roxio MPEG2 Demuxer {FBD1F53D-14A4-46AE-B08D-FF61C50DD8BA} 0x00600000 RoxioMPEGDemuxer.dll

DSH VBI VBI Codec {370A1D5D-DDEB-418C-81CD-189E0D4FA443} 0x00600000 VBICodec.ax

DSH MPEG2_PROGRAM MPEG-2 Splitter {3AE86B20-7BE8-11D1-ABE6-00A0C905F375} 0x005fffff mpg2splt.ax

DSH DOLBY_AC3 Microsoft MPEG-1/DD Audio Decoder {E1F1A0B8-BEEE-490D-BA7C-066C40B5E2B9} 0x005fffff msmpeg2adec.dll

DSH MPEG2_VIDEO Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder {212690FB-83E5-4526-8FD7-74478B7939CD} 0x005fffff msmpeg2vdec.dll

DSH RGB8 Color Space Converter {1643E180-90F5-11CE-97D5-00AA0055595A} 0x00400001 quartz.dll

DSH RGB8 VGA 16 Color Ditherer {1DA08500-9EDC-11CF-BC10-00AA00AC74F6} 0x00400000 quartz.dll

DSH Stream SAMI (CC) Parser {33FACFE0-A9BE-11D0-A520-00A0D10129C0} 0x00400000 quartz.dll

DSH WAVE Wave Parser {D51BD5A1-7548-11CF-A520-0080C77EF58A} 0x00400000 quartz.dll

DSH Midi MIDI Parser {D51BD5A2-7548-11CF-A520-0080C77EF58A} 0x00400000 quartz.dll

DSH Stream Multi-file Parser {D51BD5A3-7548-11CF-A520-0080C77EF58A} 0x00400000 quartz.dll

DSH File File stream renderer {D51BD5A5-7548-11CF-A520-0080C77EF58A} 0x00400000 quartz.dll

DSH MPEG2_PROGRAM Sonic HD Demuxer {250D7B7D-4344-41FD-A284-7299B7765F18} 0x00400000 SonicHDDemuxer.dll

DSH VPVideo ATI Video Capture Surface Allocator {41DE30C0-0394-11D3-8B00-00609729B914} 0x003fffff ** File Missing: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ativvpxx.ax

DSH PCM Roxio MPEG2 Muxer {CCEA9149-F5F8-4EF5-8DD9-55BE4EA0CACF} 0x00200000 MPEG2Muxer.dll

DSH IYUV Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Encoder {42150CD9-CA9A-4EA5-9939-30EE037F6E74} 0x00200000 msmpeg2enc.dll

DSH IYUV Microsoft MPEG-2 Audio Encoder {ACD453BC-C58A-44D1-BBF5-BFB325BE2D78} 0x00200000 msmpeg2enc.dll

DSH Video NetBridge {D145BF00-4389-49E9-B3A0-4178719550CD} 0x00200000 netbridge.dll

DSH Audio ROXIO VCFWaveform 1.0 {0A17D933-D3F8-4420-AA22-7699CF0BF578} 0x00200000 waveform.ax

DSH ROXIO SceneRecorder 1.0 {0B391D89-8598-407D-8ABB-4565E813EAE4} 0x00200000 SceneRecorderFilt.ax

DSH Avi DivX Mux 0001 {0ED129D7-C30C-4A87-B695-7CCA5912DC43} 0x00200000 DivXMux.ax

DSH ROXIO VideoCombine 3.0 {1407D6B9-B875-48EE-A361-3C1D0566A0C6} 0x00200000 VideoCombine.ax

DSH PCM Roxio Audio Stream Reader Filter {1AD512C6-24AF-4395-82B4-2D3CF21F44A2} 0x00200000 RxDSAudioStreamWriter.ax

DSH PCM Roxio Audio Stream Reader Filter {58FF69ED-8388-483B-B9AC-3EB04BBEB913} 0x00200000 RxDSAudioStreamReader.ax

DSH ROXIO InputSelector 3.0 {5F0DE00F-74B8-49D6-B42F-FEA0E68FFF3A} 0x00200000 InputSelector.ax

DSH InterVideo Stream Renderer {6FEE7C7B-94F4-4285-B3E4-C0184065E9B3} 0x00200000 IviStreamRenderer.ax

DSH DVSD Proxy Sink {75C0040B-893A-4f14-9FC1-7E532BE8CEAE} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH File writer {8596E5F0-0DA5-11D0-BD21-00A0C911CE86} 0x00200000 qcap.dll

DSH ROXIO Sewer 3.0 {91175669-4B07-442F-AA6F-2726F11DDE71} 0x00200000 MVWcDSutil.dll

DSH ROXIO InputSelectorNew 3.0 {9B9FEC9D-8F1B-44BF-904D-9A5B666AA9E9} 0x00200000 InputSelector.ax

DSH LVMWriter {B2EC84C1-E8AD-4703-A09E-EE5EEDCE5287} 0x00200000 LVMWriter.ax

DSH DVSD WMT Virtual Renderer {C750A38D-AF60-4cc7-AD65-B3C97B7C4E9B} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH Avi DivX Mux {C93E5AB5-7B71-4C31-B6B2-7F922A551EFF} 0x00200000 ** File Missing:

DSH ROXIO MPEG Writer {CC5F52B7-E5CB-4E89-8A46-AC1AAB4CD42F} 0x00200000 MGIRawWriter.dll

DSH InterVideo File Writer {D2288805-7D1E-49D4-9934-6D5B3728E155} 0x00200000 IVIwrite.ax

DSH Avi AVI Mux {E2510970-F137-11CE-8B67-00AA00A3F1A6} 0x00200000 qcap.dll

DSH ROXIO Simple Dump 3.0 {F6DE3814-0A73-4AC6-AC75-D93C80612660} 0x00200000 RxSimpleDump.ax

DSH YUY2 roxio DCFilters Subpicture Mixer {109BF43D-7C67-4459-9582-E5B030CC2CE4} 0x00200000 DCFilters9.dll

DSH MPEG2_VIDEO Roxio Smart Encoder {59A292DB-A1E6-4358-A509-99E3CA6A9785} 0x00200000 MPEG2VidCodec.dll

DSH IYUV Microsoft MPEG-2 Encoder {5F5AFF4A-2F7F-4279-88C2-CD88EB39D144} 0x00200000 msmpeg2enc.dll

DSH MPEG1Payload Roxio MPEG1 Muxer {92ECA823-D7CA-43A5-8772-C44DDF2AD70C} 0x00200000 MPEG1Muxer.dll

DSH PCM FLAC Encode Filter {77E3A6A3-2A24-43FA-B929-00747E4B560B} 0x00200000 dsfFLACEncoder.dll

DSH PCM Speex Encode Filter {7036C2FE-A209-464C-97AB-95B9260EDBF7} 0x00200000 dsfSpeexEncoder.dll

DSH YV12 Theora Encode Filter {5C769985-C3E1-4F95-BEE7-1101C465F5FC} 0x00200000 dsfTheoraEncoder.dll

DSH PCM Vorbis Encode Filter {5C94FE86-B93B-467F-BFC3-BD6C91416F9B} 0x00200000 dsfVorbisEncoder.dll

DSH Audio ROXIO VCFLatency 3.0 {01DB69FE-759A-45EE-A833-2B8B25A76546} 0x00200000 latency.ax

DSH Audio ROXIO AC3 Encoder {0416794C-2542-4550-98FF-29B552BA100A} 0x00200000 RoxioAC3Enc.dll

DSH Audio InterVideo Audio Processor {0BEDA08A-C516-4A44-9141-7B2CF28975EA} 0x00200000 IviAudioProcess.ax

DSH PCM InterVideo Audio Encoder {0CD2E140-8D60-11D3-9C32-00104B3801F6} 0x00200000 iviaenc.ax

DSH Video MainConcept (Sonic) DV Video Encoder {0F070131-EE38-4847-9807-0D4234130F65} 0x00200000 sonicmcdsdv.ax

DSH Video WMT Black Frame Generator {0F230444-825C-4d1f-B5FD-F315186A4AC0} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH MPEG1Video roxio DCFilters Mpeg I/II Decoder {13A7635A-7940-4E6C-97B6-A08D1723B13B} 0x00200000 DCFilters9.dll

DSH MPEG2_VIDEO Roxio Smart Decoder {14B38964-4911-4EC6-9C7C-7AE32F628795} 0x00200000 MPEG2VidCodec.dll

DSH Video WMT Interlacer {17CEE153-8A43-410a-93DC-5E130B0AF70D} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH FmtTag: 0x00ff Sonic AAC Decoder {19987CEE-DEE8-49DC-98EC-F21312345668} 0x00200000 sonicaacdec.ax

DSH Audio ROXIO AudioConvert 3.0 {19D55A26-3487-46C0-9874-38AA1CC09232} 0x00200000 audconv.ax

DSH Video Roxio Repacketizer Filter {1B75A8DF-7462-46B7-B853-AC942A0E68F1} 0x00200000 RepackFilter.dll

DSH Video ROXIO SubPicture Encoder {1E76BAE4-528D-4FB6-BCC1-B2DF227D36C3} 0x00200000 SubPictEnc.dll

DSH Video Indeo® video 5.10 Compression Filter {1F73E9B1-8C3A-11D0-A3BE-00A0C9244436} 0x00200000 Ir50_32.dll

DSH Audio ROXIO Audio VCFLooper 3.0 {222E455B-C201-4844-8922-BE12AF634383} 0x00200000 Looper.ax

DSH MPEG2_VIDEO Roxio MPEG2 Video Decoder {23D99AE0-5AD5-416B-BD8B-9ACC676AB24A} 0x00200000 MPEG2VidCodec.dll

DSH Audio ROXIO VCFpeakmeter 3.0 {2B1DEC98-4024-41C1-B0F4-3AF356C39462} 0x00200000 peakmeter.ax

DSH Video Roxio MPEG1 Encoder {2B97DBB6-C5FE-4FAD-8C01-3E37424A61DE} 0x00200000 MPEG1VidCodec.dll

DSH Video WMT Format Conversion {2BC393BA-444C-4d23-83BC-26119B2A2172} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH Video 9x8Resize {2BCA55D6-E4CF-4f1e-B1E8-FBF770AE46F1} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH PCM Sonic Audio Resampler {2E6601EE-F01F-4A26-ACF2-5880CDA6ED7B} 0x00200000 ** File Missing:

DSH MPEG2_PROGRAM Roxio VOB Formatter {3092FAB9-EFDF-494A-A13D-4C882B6F3647} 0x00200000 VOBFormatter.ax

DSH YUY2 InterVideo Video Encoder {317DDB61-870E-11D3-9C32-00104B3801F6} 0x00200000 IVIVENC.ax

DSH MPEG1AudioPayload InterVideo Multiplexer {317DDB63-870E-11D3-9C32-00104B3801F7} 0x00200000 ivimux.ax

DSH MPEG2_PROGRAM InterVideo Demultiplexer {317DDB73-870E-11D3-9C32-00104B3801F7} 0x00200000 IVIdemux.ax

DSH MPEG2_VIDEO CBVA DMO wrapper filter {31C88FF0-2111-44BD-A121-61DE9CD0412D} 0x00200000 cbva.dll

DSH PCM Sonic AAC Encoder {34C7AD29-A6FD-48E1-9AEF-E7A7123456B7} 0x00200000 ** File Missing:

DSH Video ROXIO ColorSpace Converter 3.0 {3ADC7D6A-7375-44AC-9D89-6A5BD2EEB652} 0x00200000 ColorSpConv.dll

DSH Audio WMT AudioAnalyzer {3B4D3176-A647-47f7-AAE4-03A10C567EAF} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH DX50 Sonic MPEG-4 Video Decoder {3C635CF1-B684-4AF8-9E1C-66CF71E0E352} 0x00200000 sonicm4vd.ax

DSH ROXIO Pin Tee {442B574B-BAE0-4BAB-AD58-E9FF77CD5663} 0x00200000 RoxioInfTee.ax

DSH Video Stretch Video {4630CF3E-90F8-491d-8DC3-CFE207BCFDAD} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH MPEG2_VIDEO Roxio MPEG2 Encoder {4BA9B38D-5CF5-4DC0-A13B-CB5D2128456F} 0x00200000 MPEG2VidCodec.dll

DSH ROXIO VCFDvrSupport 3.0 {4C9872FB-C691-4B03-86C2-C3B0AD03F25B} 0x00200000 DvrSupportFilt.ax

DSH Audio ROXIO LPCMSyncFilter {52137E9F-F1F5-43A7-B38B-47130523BE38} 0x00200000 LPCMSyncFilter.dll

DSH Audio ROXIO Audio VCFChunker 3.0 {556BD019-E14F-4DA1-B90E-B4FD6CD8804B} 0x00200000 Chunker.ax

DSH Video ROXIO Pan Zoom 3.0 {56EBAB17-EF32-4E40-B453-3E70A12F2813} 0x00200000 PanZoom.ax

DSH PCM MainConcept AAC Audio Encoder {5FCA9530-06BA-42EB-84AA-A28EBF65AF27} 0x00200000 mceaac.ax

DSH Video Frame Eater {60389193-97E6-4432-8EFC-14942B0E5ABB} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH UYVY InterVideo Down Scale Filter {61B82E90-51CD-464A-8DA8-19AA6AB6C834} 0x00200000 IVIDownS.ax

DSH Video Allocator Fix {634EC7A8-EBA6-4ba4-AF6C-4A8291925575} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH Video ROXIO VCFVideoCutList 3.0 {6AB15640-8540-4517-B3EC-DCE0100352D9} 0x00200000 vCutList.ax

DSH Video ROXIO Deinterlace 3.0 {72049EE6-F533-4C59-AB84-CA4A5E96F9F9} 0x00200000 DeInter.ax

DSH RGB24 Bitmap Generate {731920A5-5605-4543-AEAA-B7843D6ADB7E} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH UYVY InterVideo Pre-scaling Filter {77829DBC-A0CA-4A8C-A509-680A6D6B96CB} 0x00200000 IVIScale.ax

DSH MPEG1Packet Sonic MPEG Audio Decoder {78B3BF30-2CC6-4F17-B901-CD20F1B86F0A} 0x00200000 sonicdsmpeg.ax

DSH MPEG1Packet Sonic MPEG Video Decoder {78B3BF40-2CC6-4F17-B901-CD20F1B86F0A} 0x00200000 sonicdsmpeg.ax

DSH MPEG1Video Sonic MPEG Multiplexer {78B3BF80-2CC6-4F17-B901-CD20F1B86F0A} 0x00200000 ** File Missing:

DSH Video ROXIO Video VCFLooper 3.0 {82209140-A1E8-4424-BC9E-BF8B009027EF} 0x00200000 vlooper.ax

DSH Video WMT Sample Information Filter {852C760B-A858-43aa-A766-2CAF0B32C9C7} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH ROXIO SpyPos 3.0 {8CCEA956-1FA5-4923-9E3D-D8017BB4F329} 0x00200000 MGINullIP.ax

DSH Video roxio DCFilters Smart Resizer {8D7441A0-62E1-4B5E-B58D-0A1FB22FBDC5} 0x00200000 DCFilters9.dll

DSH Audio ROXIO VCFAudioMixer 3.0 {93C0C18C-C3B1-4232-90B0-E6FDDC475FEC} 0x00200000 audmf.ax

DSH Video WMT DV Extract {9B9E3789-99C5-4d00-958A-E36821A992D1} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH Video Overlay Mixer2 {A0025E90-E45B-11D1-ABE9-00A0C905F375} 0x00200000 qdvd.dll

DSH Video Record Queue {AFF289A6-ABF1-4d68-9A51-634BF7077CFC} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH SampleGrabber {C1F400A0-3F08-11D3-9F0B-006008039E37} 0x00200000 qedit.dll

DSH Video WMT Log Filter {C25EA2E7-D439-4690-A5DB-87BDAB0C8C52} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH PCM Microsoft AC3 Encoder {C6B400E2-20A7-4E58-A2FE-24619682CE6C} 0x00200000 msac3enc.dll

DSH Audio WMT Volume {D42D5FCC-AB16-4318-AA95-EDFEFC514AAF} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH PCM roxio DCFilters Audio Sync Filter 2 {DA5BEFC2-555B-4DC0-B6F1-B633BBAA1D66} 0x00200000 DCFilters9.dll

DSH YV12 InterVideo Still Capture {DB080360-01B9-11D4-898C-00A0CC5211EF} 0x00200000 IVIscapt.ax

DSH Video WMT VIH2 Fix {DF14D9E3-C9E7-457f-B2EF-D9003E6AB914} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH Audio Roxio MPEG1 Audio Encoder {E6357B8F-2DF3-4CD2-A6B4-896F7CABB3FD} 0x00200000 RoxioAudioEnc.dll

DSH Video roxio DCFilters DVD Muxer {E66B52B4-0E1E-4386-B889-7FC5C18EFADF} 0x00200000 DCFilters9.dll

DSH Audio PVTimeScale Plugin {E6858E01-F3DD-11D2-87DB-00C0F02D00F6} 0x00200000 Amsdspvt.dll

DSH Video ROXIO Scene Detector 3.0 {EC15A6D1-7898-4702-A161-C2C16B9C408E} 0x00200000 SceneDetector.ax

DSH Video InterVideo DV Pre-Process {F54FF744-9B63-48FE-9C76-1F1F3B7F1BD7} 0x00200000 dvProcs.ax

DSH Infinite Pin Tee Filter {F8388A40-D5BB-11D0-BE5A-0080C706568E} 0x00200000 qcap.dll

DSH Video WMT Switch Filter {F84C5576-5E02-4621-B804-1FBDE4D66D61} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH DOLBY_AC3 Roxio Audio Decoder (DVD) {F892413F-8C51-4A84-9F39-91133E328E0A} 0x00200000 RoxioDVDAudio.dll

DSH Video ROXIO Video Resampler 3.0 {F921FA33-7E7E-43FC-ABF0-EAFCD95B559D} 0x00200000 VResamFilt.ax

DSH RGB24 Uncompressed Domain Shot Detection Filter {FB2F2791-FA5D-46ac-9941-FDD00BB98C30} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH Video Indeo® video 4.4 Compression Filter {A2551F60-705F-11CF-A424-00AA003735BE} 0x00200000 Ir41_32.ax

DSH Audio IMA ADPCM {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

DSH Audio PCM {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

DSH Audio Microsoft ADPCM {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

DSH Audio GSM 6.10 {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

DSH Audio CCITT A-Law {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

DSH Audio CCITT u-Law {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

DSH Audio MPEG Layer-3 {6A08CF80-0E18-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

DSH Video Multiple File Output {0CA72DBA-07E1-4f31-8AEF-ED2FEE7A5A26} 0x00200000 WMM2FILT.dll

DSH MPEG1Packet Sonic MPEG-2 Video Decoder {499DA469-1711-4320-8B31-4528694A2FF7} 0x00200000 sonicm2vd.ax

DSH Audio Media Center Extender Encryption Filter {E55A0B49-2F73-44D4-AD66-48966DED31BA} 0x00200000 Mcx2Filter.dll

DSH PCM DivX ReSync 0001 {E7352581-BFE7-49BE-9722-DCF163B62E08} 0x00200000 ReSync.ax

DSH MPEG1System InterVideo Demux {105808AA-413D-4F32-898B-C15457292D55} 0x00200000 IVIdemxx.ax

DSH ROXIO VCFDVSceneDetect 1.0 {3025A43B-9F0E-4386-9B2B-C8169F120A2C} 0x00200000 DVSceneDetectFilt.ax

DSH MPEG1System Roxio MPEG Stream Analyzer {489FB618-5EA6-45BC-A3BD-B7A04AB10D8E} 0x00200000 MPEGStreamAnalyzer.dll

DSH None Sonic MPEG Demultiplexer {A3D9F0D7-4D71-4524-AC82-594C80881E97} 0x00200000 sonicmpgdmx.ax

DSH Video Smart Tee {CC58E280-8AA1-11D1-B3F1-00AA003761C5} 0x00200000 qcap.dll

DSH Media Analyser {E0ADBFA5-AB0A-4389-B5E4-096654DCBD78} 0x00200000 mediaanalyser.ax

DSH MPEG1System roxio DCFilters DVD Splitter {CFBC536C-3980-4E13-95E6-4F82EA65DA5C} 0x00200000 DCFilters9.dll

DSH Audio Creative EAX Dream {0AE6EBE0-BFA2-11D4-B52C-00A0C98E4DDD} 0x001fffff CTDream.ax

DSH Video PICVideo MJPEG Compressor {471D8901-12A8-11D3-962F-00500471FDDC} 0x00100000 Pvmjpg20.dll

DSH Audio Noise Reduction {5CDFDF40-C071-11D4-8ABA-0050DAC9123F} 0x00100000 DSNOISER.AX

REND ScriptCommand Internal Script Command Renderer {48025243-2D39-11CE-875D-00608CB78066} 0x00800001 quartz.dll

REND Video Video Renderer {6BC1CFFA-8FC1-4261-AC22-CFB4CC38DB50} 0x00800001 quartz.dll

REND Midi Default MidiOut Device {07B65360-C445-11CE-AFDE-00AA006C14F4} 0x00800000 quartz.dll

REND PCM Default DirectSound Device {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00800000 quartz.dll

REND Video Video Renderer {70E102B0-5556-11CE-97C0-00AA0055595A} 0x00400000 quartz.dll

REND Microsoft TV Caption Decoder {2F7EE4B6-6FF5-4EB4-B24A-2BFC41117171} 0x00200001 MSTVCapn.dll

REND Midi Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth {07B65360-C445-11CE-AFDE-00AA006C14F4} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND Midi SB Audigy MIDI IO [DC00] {07B65360-C445-11CE-AFDE-00AA006C14F4} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND Midi SB Audigy Synth A [DC00] {07B65360-C445-11CE-AFDE-00AA006C14F4} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND Midi SB Audigy Synth B [DC00] {07B65360-C445-11CE-AFDE-00AA006C14F4} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND Audio Speakers (Creative SB Audigy) {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND Audio Default WaveOut Device {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND PCM DirectSound: SPDIF Out (Creative SB Audigy) {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND PCM DirectSound: Speakers (Creative SB Audigy) {79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND Audio Modem #0 Line Playback {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND Audio SPDIF Out (Creative SB Audigy) {E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND Audio Annodex Mux Filter {6C5746D3-D309-4988-8694-D435AB86460D} 0x00200000 dsfAnxMux.dll

REND Audio Ogg Mux Filter {1F3EFFE4-0E70-47C7-9C48-05EB99E20011} 0x00200000 dsfOggMux.dll

REND Video Full Screen Renderer {07167665-5011-11CF-BF33-00AA0055595A} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND PCM ROXIO AudioGrabber 3.0 {12E89724-6940-4BDF-8129-FDB9E2A51E3E} 0x00200000 thumbnailgraber.ax

REND ROXIO DVDCrossGraphEx Renderer 3.0 {41F3791C-0CDA-48FF-B6F7-0DBCF01665C1} 0x00200000 DVDCrossGraphEx.ax

REND ROXIO QuickGrabber 3.0 {46189C67-70DF-45D5-928E-93A05C69799F} 0x00200000 thumbnailgraber.ax

REND Video Video Mixing Renderer 9 {51B4ABF3-748F-4E3B-A276-C828330E926A} 0x00200000 quartz.dll

REND Video VCG Null Renderer 3.0 {58DA126D-D153-4D6B-A7BA-1CCBE876B586} 0x00200000 VideoCompositing.ax

REND RGB32 ROXIO ThumbnailGrabber 3.0 {665B7E99-B46A-4C0D-A29D-87FBC2C5279C} 0x00200000 thumbnailgraber.ax

REND Roxio Plasma CrossGraph Renderer {877C7035-FDC6-4378-8122-AABC1812EA28} 0x00200000 PlasmaCGFilter.ax

REND Video VMR9 Wrapper 3.0 {88942C53-2F39-45BF-BD8A-E5CF4F1D02AC} 0x00200000 VideoCompositing.ax

REND ROXIO CrossGraphEx Renderer 3.0 {94A79181-8F80-4347-A3D4-E7D1A601576F} 0x00200000 CrossGraphEx.ax

REND Null Renderer {C1F400A4-3F08-11D3-9F0B-006008039E37} 0x00200000 qedit.dll

REND Video Roxio MPEG Analyzer {C74EDF04-69FE-442B-ABF5-0D63D314A98D} 0x00200000 RoxioMPEGProp.dll

REND Video Enhanced Video Renderer {FA10746C-9B63-4B6C-BC49-FC300EA5F256} 0x00200000 evr.dll

VFW CVID Cinepak Codec by Radius vidc.cvid 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> iccvid.dll

VFW DIVX DivX® 6.5.1 Codec (2 Logical CPUs) vidc.divx 0x00200000 ** File Missing: DivX.dll

VFW I420 Intel IYUV codec vidc.i420 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> iyuv_32.dll

VFW IYUV Intel IYUV codec vidc.iyuv 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> iyuv_32.dll

VFW MRLE Microsoft RLE vidc.mrle 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> msrle32.dll

VFW MSVC Microsoft Video 1 vidc.msvc 0x00200000 quartz.dll --> msvidc32.dll

VFW YV12 ATI YUV12 Format Codec vidc.yv12 0x00200000 ** File Missing: DivX.dll

VFW YVU9 Intel Indeo® Video Raw R1.2 vidc.yvu9 0x00200000 ** File Missing: IYVU9_32.DLL

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Is this a divx file? Looks like you're missing some divx codecs. EMC9 does install divx codecs but if you've updated divx, then you'll need to use the workaround discussed here.

What you posted also shows some ATI codecs missing but you do say you removed some ATI software which I think wasn't necessary.

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I disabled UAC so I could use regsvr32.exe to register the 'missing' sonic and divx files properly. I think this problem could be caused by not using the default install directory. The program is working much better now but I still can't use divx two-pass encoding on vob / mpg files sucessfully - the same problem I had when installed with XP. I will start a new thread with more details.

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Is this a divx file? Looks like you're missing some divx codecs. EMC9 does install divx codecs but if you've updated divx, then you'll need to use the workaround discussed here.

What you posted also shows some ATI codecs missing but you do say you removed some ATI software which I think wasn't necessary.



I remove the Divx Pro software bundle before the last reinstall of EMC9. The list also shows missing sonic files that has me concerned. I would like to know if they are part of EMC9 and are not installing properly.


DSH MPEG1Video Sonic MPEG Multiplexer {78B3BF80-2CC6-4F17-B901-CD20F1B86F0A} 0x00200000 ** File Missing:


DSH PCM Sonic AAC Encoder {34C7AD29-A6FD-48E1-9AEF-E7A7123456B7} 0x00200000 ** File Missing:


DSH PCM Sonic Audio Resampler {2E6601EE-F01F-4A26-ACF2-5880CDA6ED7B} 0x00200000 ** File Missing:

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