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Clean Function in LP & Tape Assistant Help



I'm converting LPs and want to clean them up. The Help information is so abbreviated as to be useless. Does anyone know the which way to go on the settings for Declicker, Decrackler, Denoiser, and Noise? And once you've set them, do you have to play through the album or song? Does anyone know anywhere to go to get more detailed information. So far my efforts, I believe, have achieved nothing. I've tried playing through the entire album with the Clean dialog box open and it doesn't seem to do any better than just clicking OK!

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1- Connect your stereo system to your comptuter (in the blue jack) RCA jack i think

2- Open Roxio and click on Home, Applications and open Sound Editor

3- In Soun Editor, click on red dot to open Record audio

4- This will open a window (Audio capture) where you will see setting like Capture from (Choose Back line), Input (Choose line 1or2) and parameters (WAV recommended) Try differents settings and look in left and right meter if you pc is receiving input from your strereo system

5-Click on record and you will see an icon Add track separator, so you can separate each tune of your Lp when it is recording

6- When recording is finished, stop recording and close Audio capture

7- This will bring you back in Sound Editor where you can also add separator (add track), clean and enhance audio (Under Tools). You do the cleaning after you have capture the lp


PS I do not use Lp and tape assistant (less options than Sound Editor) and Easy audio capture (lack the tool Add track separator)

Sorry if there are some mistakes and if the terms are not exactly the same that are used in Roxio, I am a french speaking person and my Roxio is in french

Roxio Easy Media Creator in a snap by Lisa Danae Dayley is very helpfull. I bought it from Amazon.com

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Others informations


Under Tools in Soud Editor, click the clean button and choose medium or high setting or you can try the manual setting on declick, decrackle or denoise. I find it easier and faster to choose the presets setting.

For enhance audio, you can choose 25 as a good setiing for Bass and Excite

It is a matter of trial and error!

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