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I have the same problem (symptoms)


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Even it you have the same SYMPTOMS, if all the equipment is different and you have different software, it is NOT the same problem. Or do you take your auto to the garage and tell the mechanic to do the same thing he did to the last car? Digging up a thread from over 15 months ago isn't the best way to get help for YOUR situation.


ECDC 5 is an OLD program, with the most recent software update having been in 2003, and the last drive-up patch to recognize new-ish burners in November 2004.


It is possible it can't recognize the brand new burner in your brand new computer.


It is possible there is a conflict with Windows or other software.


However, the addition of SP2 to WinXP effectively "broke" ECDC 5, and it is officially lunsupported.


It is probable your setup is simply too new to run this old software. True, some have managed to coax it to run with WinXP SP2 following the instructions (pinned to the top of the Forum) for running with WinXP SP1. However, many more have not been able to get it to work.



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