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cannot complete burn, very frustraded



:angry: I have been trying unsuccessfully for 3 weeks to use this software. I have had a numbers of issues.


First, when I create a project and save it, it seems to save o.k., but when I come back to open it, it won't open and gives me a "runtime error", so I have to start all over.



2nd- It pauses while encoding. I had a 6 movie dvd I was trying to make, but it kept stalling out at the end of the 3rd movie being encoded. I finally decided to "give up" on that movie, then it made it through the encoding fine.


3rd- I thought I was in the clear, but now it stopped while burning with ANOTHER ERROR, and ruined a new dual layer dvd; nice. the message this time was "Failed to start the image writing operation Error while  Burning Image

80004003 Error while  Aborting", this was at the 56% completed mark.



Sure doe seem like this software has a lot of issues for us all spending $75+. I know it is always a "video card" issue it seems. MAybe they should put right on the box exactly which video cards work with this thing; would make life alot easier.


I am running Windows Vista Home premium on a HP Intel Core 2 Duo proc. 2048 MB 500 GB HD


with a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1600 NTSC/ATSC Combo



any help is greatly appreciated

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They don't make an angry face mad enough to vent my frustration. I have the same issue as you except it gets all the way to 97% and starts the burn when it gives the fabulous message, "Failed to start the image writing operation Error while Burning Image

80004003 Error while Aborting"


I didn't think the helpdesk was very responsive or helpful, either. I will wait with bated breath for any sweet person that is willing to help us!

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I have the same exact configuration HP Machine (s3100y) with Windows Vista. Same exact problem. When I use to burn from project it goes up to 97% and hangs. No error. I had to shut the machine down because because the program froze and even task manager could not kill it.


Then I made an image from the project and attempted to burn the image. It went up to 524 Mb of 356 gb and then went on for about half hour, no response. Again had to kill it because it won't respond.


I think the Roxio S/W or Vista or the DVD HW is crap. The frustrating thing there's no help. You spend all this money to get these features and they simply don't work. Is there a legal recourse to this?



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