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CD Spin Doctor - To Mix or Not to Mix



Can anyone help? In the Windows version (Sound Editor) I can import an audio CD that has a single recording on it (Spoken Word) that has been broken down into separately defined tracks, i.e. Track 01, Track 02, Track 03, etc.. Those tracks then show up as separate clips and the Mix Editor combines them as one track. I can then export all the tracks imported as one final track. This is very useful when importing into Itunes as the recodring is now one file versus 3.


I now am using CD Spin Doctor (went from Windows to MAC) and I can not figure out how to do this. I first imported the CD into iTunes as AIFF tracks then opened up CD Spin Doctor. I select open files and it will only allow me to select one file at a time. :angry2: How do I combine the individual tracks into one master track?


All I want is one combined file, not three! :)

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Spin Doctor cannot do that.


You have a couple choices. One is to use QuickTime Pro or an audio editing application to join the files. You even could do it in iMovie.


The other option is to set zero-second pauses in Toast's Audio CD setting (except for the first track) and then choose Save as Disc Image from the File menu. This will create a .Sd2f file. If you import that .Sd2f file into iTunes it will come in as a single track. Be sure to set AIFF as the import format if that is what you ultimately want it to be.

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Hi, I cant seem to figure out if Spin Doctor is included with toast 8, or is it a seperate software?

CD Spin Doctor in the Toast folder along with Toast, Motion Pictures HD, DiskCatalogMaker RE, and Disc Cover RE.

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