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Can Toast combine parts of three DVDs into one DVD?

Ed Wicks


I have three homemade DVDs each of which contains shows by several bands.


Which app or apps should I use to take the shows of a particular band off of each DVD and put all the shows by that band on one DVD?


I have Toast Titanium 8, Mac the Ripper, DVD Ripper for Mac, DVD2oneX, and ffmpegX. Am not very experienced with any. Have done a lot of CD/DVD burning w/ Toast but that's about it.





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Are the segments you want separated with chapter markers on the DVDs? If so you can extract the individual chapters using the Toast Media Browser. Insert the DVD, choose DVD with the Media Browser and go to the chapter level with the lower button in the browser. Drag the chapters you want to Toast with DVD video selected as the format. Do that which each disc. Then set up your menu and burn your DVD.


If the clips are not separated as individual chapters then the easiest thing to do is use Cinematize 2 or MPEG Streamclip to cut the segments you want from each DVD and save as MPEG files. Drag those MPEGs to Toast.


The hard way to do it is to extract the entire video titles from the DVD using the Media Browser and Export to MPEG 4. Open the MPEG 4 in iMovie to do the editing. Then add the edited iMovie Project to the Toast Video window.

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