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Problem burning "Video Complitation" with Disk Copier





I am trying a compilation of videos in EMC 9 in Disk Copier.


I have added the videos to the source that I want in the compilation. I have selected DVD from the pulldown menu on the right hand side.


The first time I made the compilation disk everything worked fine. In the options menu I had selected "Automatically Play First Movie when disk is inserted" but I then decided that I didn't like that after the disk was burnt, and that I prefered to "Create a Main Menu" instead.


Every time that I have tried burning the same compilation DVD with the "Create a Main Menu" option it hasn't worked and I get an error message about BUFFER UNDERRUN.


This is the Error Information:


- ("Buffer under run - Illegal request." 05/21/02)

-Sense Key = 0x05

-ASC = 0x21

-ASCQ = 0x02

-ULONG: Error Number = 15210203

-STRING: Error String = Buffer under run - Illegal request.


Any help is much appreciated!



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