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ISRC Code Changes on Read Back, Why?



Why is the ISRC code that I add to my CD when encoding and buring with Toast 8 different when I read it back using Toast 8? The first 5 characters are always different from that which I enter.


For example an encoding of:




Is read back as:



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For media I burn what's cheap, but I would use Verbatim for CD mastering.


The problem was the drive. I ran a test on the disc in a Toshiba PC computer using the progam "Tau Analyzer.



Information about Tau if you are interested:




"Tau Analyzer is a free program (runs on PC not MAC), which can help you to distinguish with reasonable accuracy the original studio-based CDs from poor quality fakes, that have been "reconstructed" using a lossy audio source, such as MP3."



Since my ISRC read correctly with Tau, I know the problem is with reading from the drive and not the software or burning to the drive. The drive is only a month or so old and I have an extended warranty on it so I'll be taking it back to the store tomorrow.


BTW Tau is an excellent analytical tool, free, and easy to use. The only downside is it don't run on MAC. Fortunately for me I have a PC available to cross-check my disc in the future.


Thanks for all the help!!!!!

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What drive are you burning and reading back on? Many older drives do not read or write IRSC codes correctly. I just burned a disc with the same ISRC could you showed above and it worked correctly.


First let me say thanks for the help!


I am using a "SONY DVD RW DRU-830A Rev. SS23." I am burning to Maxell" CD-r's. The drive is only a month old.


What drive and media brand are you using?



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I burned using an LG drive, but I usually use Pioneer and they work fine. Most likely the ISRC is burned correctly, it just not reading it back right. Do you have another drive to try to read the text on?





I have two drives but the other don't read or right ISRC. You are probably right and I will check my disc on some other machines to make sure it is not a read problem.


What brand of CD Media do you burn to? I would like to check that out too just in case that is where the fault lies.


I really appreciate your time and effort!

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