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Mixed up tracks on Audio CD

Richard Fdisk.exe




(sorry if this has already been addressed)


But, why does this do this;


In ECDC 5 all I had to do to add the audio tracks was select the tracks and the tracks would be added in the correct order (Alphabetically) regardless of how I selected them.


►I've always named my tracks "Track01.wav, Track02.wav" etc. and when the directory is selected that contains the tracks, the tracks are added (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...).


►In the EMC 9 full version and in the limited Dell Version the first 20 CD's I tried to make were bombed because the tracks weren't in the (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...) it was more like (1,8,6,4,5,2,9,3,7....) scrambled in some way or another;


The only work around that I've found, is to:

1) browse to the directory containing my tracks usually 1 up from the root,

2) click on any track so that it's highlighted

3) go to keyboard and hit "End" (now the last track in the list is highlighted

4) press and hold "Shift"

5) while holding "Shift" press "Home"

6) then click "Add"


► what a horrendous process; in ECDC 5 Platinum / Basic it's 3 clicks to select and add the tracks and burn and the tracks were always in the correct order


again I ask, why does this do this?

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I trust you are using Music Disc Creator…


Try adding all of your tracks then click on the word "Title" to sort them by title name. You may have to do it twice.


Anything that still isn't where you want it, just click and drag the title to the location you like.

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