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What resolution is the default menu?



Hi Guys,


I usually use DVD Lab Pro, though I'd like to try other software. I'm checking out DVDit Pro, and it's looking pretty promising.


I don't quite get the menu system though. From what I gather, the menu is resized according to what media you output the project to (DVD or BD). Is this a definite, or can I choose the resolution before hand? Because DVDit seems to resize the menu according to my project, and thus blurring/softening my images. If they were in their original resolution, they should not have been blurred.


Also is there a simply draw function for the menu to create rectangles/circles/etc? I'd like to create a semi-transparent rectangle to put text on.


EDIT: One more thing, I work mainly in PAL but I need to create NTSC versions of my projects as well. How easy is it to transfer the menu to NTSC format (and obviously replace all the PAL video clips with NTSC versions)?




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