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"NEW - Roxio Jam™ pro-quality audio mastering tools"



Apologies if this has been covered before, I've had a quick search on the forums and haven't found exactly the info I'm after.


In the blurbs about Toast 8, Roxio promote "NEW - Roxio Jam™ pro-quality audio mastering tools". I've just purchased Toast 8, and I am unable to find out what these tools are. I haven't used Jam since the version that came out in 97 with Peak LE so I have nothing to compare to.

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In Toast Preferences, click the Audio & Video tab and put a check mark next to Show Advanced Audio Mastering Settings. When you choose Audio CD in the Audio window you'll have the options, plus those shown in the Disc menu.


Roxio provided sparse documentation and help for these features. They have added some guides to the Toast Support page Here. One tip, choose Custom in the crossfades popup menu to see the crossfade customization and preview screen.

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