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Disk will not play on, DVD player



Hello everyone, I have a strange one here. I had been writing discs quite easily with mc9 and for some reason. The disk will write, but will not play on my DVD player or other discs. I have written over the last week or so will play this DVD has submenus. I am wondering what to try next. I have also had problems with one other DVD I was trying to write a DVD without a menu the first one. I don't like this works perfectly. The second one stops at 9% of and coding and freezes the programme. I hope someone may be able to help.


Thanks in advance Michelle

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Hello everyone I have been able to make DVDs with my DVD version 9, except for one layout that I have cratered. The DVD write to the disk and play on computer only this is the only one I'm having trouble with. Does anyone have any use ideas, what is causing this video clips were originally taken from video tape.


Thank you in advance Michelle

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