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D2d - Does Brand Of Cd Matter?



Hi all,


First I understand the general distain for packet writing software here, but before this week my D2D worked to perfection with CD-Rs. I accumulate pics until have enough to burn onto a DVD then utilize EMC Classic.


I am running Dell 8400, XP ProSP2, Phillips DVD8601 16XDL burner.


Anyway, two things:

Several weeks ago, I upgraded my firmware from Dell, and started using a new spindle of CDs Phillips 52X.

(The upgrade claims it was to make player compatible with more DL DVD Disks)


Well now when I use D2D it formats fine, records fine, seems to close fine, but when I put it back in to read or add more pic, more than not it does 2 things: either shows the disk as blank (scandisk also says its blank) and the properties explorer show blank with type D2D-R.

Or, will not allow the access to the DVD drive at all - says inaccessable, a right click and the properties say the disk is RAW?


Happened to have some older CD's Imitation 12X and so far from limited experimentation, these have perfomed properly.


Any ideas? Do disks actually vary in readability? Should I uninstall and re-install D2D? (is it possible to just do D2D without the whole program?) Or, try a Repair for the whole program (though everything else seems fine)?

PS: the programs Device detector does show the DVD with the update as detected.

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