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Recent survey from Roxio


How much would you pay?  

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  1. 1. If Popcorn 3 were to have all these added features how much would you be willing to pay for it?

    • $40.00
    • $45.00
    • $50.00
    • $55.00
    • $60.00


I was sent a survey from Roxio yesterday.....

Below you will find the features that were mentioned.....

Some I think are a MUST have others are just icing on the cake....

19, 20, 21 & 25 would make popcorn GREAT!!!



1--Selective compression for DVDs. Offer the choice of higher quality for main video on a DVD copy at the expense of lower quality for trailers and other video extras.


2--TiVo to Mac. Transfer shows from your TiVo Series 2 DVR via your home network to watch on your Mac or convert the shows to watch on an iPod, or other portable player.


3--DVD spanning. Copy long movies across multiple DVD discs to avoid compressing the video and thereby maintain maximum video quality


4--PAL/NTSC conversion. Convert DVDs or other video files from the TV format used in one part of the world, like Europe, into a different format used in another part of the world, like the US.


5--Flash Video conversion. Convert Flash video files, such as those found on YouTube and other video sharing sites, into a format for burning to a DVD or for playback on an iPod.


6--Pause and resume conversion. Pause the conversion process and quit the application to do something else. Continue where you left off at a later time.


7--Mac to TiVo. Convert DVDs and video files on your Mac for transfer to, and playback on, a TiVo Series 2 DVR.


8--onversion folder. Automatically check a folder on your hard disk for new video (such as your downloads folder) and convert any new video files that have been added to it.


9--Video trimming. Easily mark and remove unwanted sections of video, such as commercials, from DVDs, TiVo video, or shows recorded with set-top DVD recorders.


10--Disc labeler. Create disc labels and case inserts which can be printed on paper or directly onto the disc.


11--Conversion quality preview. Convert 15 seconds of video to see a preview of the output quality using the selected conversion settings. This will convert quickly on any Mac and allow you to test different settings before converting the entire video.


12--Subtitles for converted DivX video. Some DivX video files contain subtitles. Provide an option to include these subtitles in the converted video files for playback on an iPod


13--video sharing sites support. Convert DVDs and other video files into formats for YouTube and other online video sharing web sites.


14--Set-top DVD recorder support. Convert TV shows from discs recorded with set-top DVD recorders to view on your iPod. Set-top DVD recorders play standard DVDs, and like a TiVo can also record live television shows.


15--Bookmarkable video. Convert chapter markers on DVD video into bookmarks on exported video, so you can easily jump ahead or save your place and resume at a later time when watching on an iPod.


16--Camcorder tape to iPod conversion. Automatically convert an entire tape recorded with your DV camcorder so you can view it on your iPod.


17--DVD collection manager. Catalog the information about your Hollywood DVD library, so you can easily see what you own.


18--Hard-disk based camcorder support. Import video from your hard-disk based camcorder so you can convert it into other formats, such as for editing in iMovie or watching on your iPod or Apple TV.


19--Windows Media support. Convert Windows Media Video files into a format suitable for playback on an iPod.


20--Apple TV support. Convert DVDs and video files for playback on an Apple TV device which connects to your TV and accesses media files from your PC or Mac via your home network.


21--Two-Pass encoding. Process video files two times during the conversion process. The conversion may take twice as long, but the file sizes will be smaller and take up less space on the player.


22--DVD chapters to individual files. Convert any chapter of a DVD movie into an individual video file for an iPod or other portable video player.


23--Maximum file size. Set the maximum file size (such as 256 MB or 512 MB) when converting a video file for an iPod or other portable player. Smaller file sizes will take up less space on the player, but may result in lower picture quality.


24--DVD compilations. Create a single compilation DVD from individual video files on multiple DVDs.


25--Network encoding. Convert video files more quickly by using the processing power of multiple computers on your home network to process a single video file.

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