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bad sound on video cd toast 6.1



I can't record a good quality video cd after editing in imovie. I tried every possible export option from I movie. Video looks fair, but sound is barely there. The video looks good in quick time before is encoded in toast 6.1.

Is there a way to get it right?

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a regular dvd player

I previously haven't encountered anyone reporting that the audio volume was lowered by Toast during encoding. So please pardon if I keep thinking the problem is with the play back. Have you played other VCDs on this player with the sound being normal? Is the DVD player connected with an analog audio cables or a digital audio cable? Do you have the DVD player's audio setup set to convert MPEG audio to PCM for play back?


Try this. Insert the VCD in your Mac and open Toast. Select Disc Info in the Recorder menu. There you should see an option to export the MPEG from the VCD. It's been awhile since I've done this so my memory of it is a little fuzzy. Once the MPEG is exported you can play it with QuickTime Player. Is the audio okay?


Another route is to use VLC Media Player to play the VCD without having to export the MPEG.


In the Roxio Converted Items folder there should be both a video file and an audio file when Toast encodes the VCD. You can play either in QuickTime Player. How does that audio file sound?


The official way to add your video from iMovie is to simply drag the iMovie Project File to the Toast Video window. You say you've tried multiple methods so my guess is you've done that one.

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