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Roxio compatible with Sony Products?


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I'm trying to determine why Roxio (6) & my sony DVD burners don't seem all that compatible. Each burn is different, with audio and video dropouts, partial play & sometimes no play at all.


I sense Sony wants me to use Nero, but Nero 7 froze up my computer (even though I had plenty of memory available). And I like authoring with Roxio better...and am wondering if there's a difference in the Sony burners. I like the DVDirect...VRD-MC3 because it's more flexible....but have used the DRX-83OU (similar model) in past.


Any suggestions? or recommendations.


I'm just trying to make simple home videos & dvd Photo/music memoirs.



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Not too clear here…


Your burner is the DRX-830U? This is an external and requires a USB2 to work. Is that what you have?


Also like to know more about your system, like what I have in my signature block.


I trust you are using DVD Builder? What version?


What media are you burning to?


How are you capturing the files?


How are you burning to the media?

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You told us of a Sony you used in the past. Is there any reason why you didn't tell us which one you're using NOW? Perhaps that was an oversight.


I have a Sony DRU-810A/BENQ DW1640, which would have to be the best burner I've ever had. I've had no conflicts between that drive and any of the Roxio software I've used.


What model of Sony burner are you trying to use now?

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I have the Sony VRD-MC3 and it works very well with the Roxio products.


I'm not sure I'd recommend the Nero version included in the unit. I think that the Nero program managed to make the CD/DVD RW drive in my laptop malfunction and it took me days to get it working properly again.


The unit itself appears to prefer to write to + R DVDs. I get more write errors when I use - R media.


Just make certain you follow the directions to a 't' if you want to use it as an external burner. You have to turn on the unit, plug it into the computer and then turn on the computer.

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