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Video Card Help - What To Buy?




I started talking about my troubles in a different topic. I am starting a new topic, because I can't take the frustration any longer. I did have some folks try to help me, and I thank them for that (Gary, Larry, & Bruce) but my problem still exists.


I have decided to just put it out there. I am looking for the best possible video card I can get to make Roxio EMC 9 work for me the way that it should be working and not the way that it is.


Here's my story:


I have Windows XP Pro, SP2. Penitum 4 - 2.67ghz processor, 1.00 GB RAM. My motherboard is an ASUS P5LD2-VM and it has an onboard video Intel Chipset 82945G card. I was having trouble with the 3D Transitions, first in Video Wave 8 and then in Video Wave 9. They would 'JERK'. Plus when I accessed MY DVD 9 from the Roxio Welcome screen it would have a RED scenery screen where it says 'MY MENU'. Then at some point when I was changing transitions in the Video Wave, it would lock up and shut down on me.


SO, I got an ATI Radeon X550 video card made by Diamond Multimedia. It had a compatibility problem with my ASUS motherboard. When first booting up my monitor would be blank. I would have to restart the computer and then it worked fine. Used it like this for sometime (since December 2006). I kept thinking the problem was my computer or my BIOS, stuff like that...


Plus the fact that Roxio EMC 8 was now working fantastic for me, I decided to deal with the rebooting.

Everything was GREAT with Roxio EMC 8. I could use the 3D Transitions in Video Wave editor and they would not jerk. The whole program worked great.


But the compatibility problem got worse. Now it was more like 4 or 5 restarts before I got video with the ATI Radeon X550. Then just recently I would now have to pull it out from the PCIE slot and reconnect to the onboard video. Boot up, shutdown, then put the card back in the slot, boot up again to a blank screen, restart and then finally I would have video. It would still work great as long as I didn't shutdown or have to do a restart because of a Windows update or anything else. This was really awful to deal with....


SO, I got a EVGA Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS PCI-E 256 MB DDR 2. Well now, I have troubles with Roxio again. With this card EMC 9 works the same way it worked with my onboard video card. I can't use the 3D Transitions without them jerking. When I encode and burn a project the 3D Transitions look horrible. I get the RED scenery screen again when I go into MY DVD 9 from the Welcome screen.


I even did a fresh install of Windows XP Pro SP2 less than a month ago. There is no hidden junk on my computer causing me any grief. It runs like a champ except for this problem.


Bottom line here is I am sending that EVGA Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS back!


I want to know what video card is going to work the best with your program.

No jerking 3D Transitions, No Video Wave lock ups, No RED scenery screen!


I have been through 3 different cards already and I am really frustrated.

Card 1: onboard video Intel Chipset 82945G

Card 2: ATI Radeon X550

Card 3: EVGA Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS


I am looking for an answer that does not involve any of these cards, and will defintely stop my rpoblems with the 3D Transitions and Video Wave 9


Thanks for your time, suggestions, and assistance

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