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Media Import Closes By Itself



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The saga continues...


Following the suggestions above (thanks Jean), sometimes I can get this thing to work, sometimes not. It never works if I want to capture and save video as wmv or mpeg. The only option that works is Divx, and the file gets saved as an AVI, which is OK.


I tried removing the dshowencodemanager file but it makes no difference, so I put it back.


Can someone suggest an easy to use cheap or freeware program that will do the same thing? I could then use Roxio EMC 8 to do everything else, which seems to work well. After spending $60 on Roxio thinking I could get an all-in-one package that works I really do not want to spend much more money.


I've been looking around on videohelp.com and see a lot of programs available there.

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>>Before it opens and closes , do you see any thing listing a device or sources to import from?


When the program starts and the initial screen is there, nothing appears. Only when I choose Audio does an import pull down window appear. If I choose Photo or Video, the program closes right away.


>>Do you have any other Software for Photo's installed?


Yes, Corel Photosuite... it came on my computer. Are you thinking a conflict there?



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I not quite sure what is going on here, but you may want to ty a repair reinstall in the add remove programs.

Like I stated before you do not have any progam(s) on your computer that perfoms similar functions as media import. They may be conflicting if you do

Also what is your computer specs.......

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I looked up the spyware site; this is not a list of spyware as such, rather a list of all kinds of files,with a rating, safe or parasite. For dshowencodemanager.dll, it lists it as safe.




I also have DShowEncodeManager.dll (v in the Roxio DllShared folder, so I guess it's meant to be there.


I tried a short chapter from one movie DVD and was able to use divx (both custom and standard), mpeg and wmv (this one takes ages). I don't know anything about which option is best under what circumstances, they all look pretty much the same to me; the divx .avi file was the smallest, mpg the largest (about 2.5 times larger) and the wmv file in between (about 2 times the avi file)

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I have exactly the same problem. I did find one workaround, see my post 9 in this thread




To eliminate some of the suggestions: not media center alone, as I have a Dell 8300 running Windows XP home SP2 (all updates). I do have Corel Paintshop pro X installed, but no media import app (unless you count WMP10 as it allows ripping of audio CDs). I don't have any external devices such as webcam etc., I only want to import from my DVD drives.


Also, I did try a repair from add/remove before updating from build 801 to 805, but that did not fix it, nor did the update.

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In my case, no. As I said in the post I linked to above, I was using home made DVD movie to test media import.

Putting in an audio CD in one drive, selecting audio, then putting the movie DVD in the other drive, then the Video button works without closing media import and I can select the movie components to import. Somehow, having first got it to look at an audio CD (without importing any tracks) stabilises Media import for Video or photo import.

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By doing what you suggest I can now get a little further before the program shuts down. I can choose the from the pulldown list, select the video from the DVD, and select the format to save to. But when I hit the Import Now button sometimes the program closes, sometimes I get this error message:


AppName: mediacapture8.exe AppVer: ModName: dshowencodemanager.dll

ModVer: Offset: 00002822


The Roxio website is for technical info / knowldege base is useless. Can you suggest another program to use? Thanks in advance.

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