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While trying to captue DVD-video from my Camcorder I always get this message "Macrovision detected" "Capture Disabled" :angry2:

I have this hardware "VideoOh! DVD (AVC-2210) for more than two years, and I've never had a problem capturing my home videos and transfering them onto DVD/CD since I bought it. Couple of weeks ago I tried to capture my last home video I made, but suddenly I got this message "Macrovision detected" "Capture Disabled" I was really surprised to see this, since I was using my camcorder and I was transfering my home video, I wasn't trying to copy a copy-protected video. I went to the Adaptec web site and they have a new version 1.3, I downloaded, run it, and still get the same message. I played my home video thru my VCR and the same message appear. I unistalled the whole MyDVD software and reinstalled it again and nothing change. I hope you guys have some solution for this, since my other daughter's birthday is coming up and I don't want to have a pile of tapes laying around. This happens only when I try to capture DVD-video from camcorder or VCR. When I use the Video-CD option it works fine, not when I use the DVD-video option.


I'm using MyDVD 5.2 version

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A search on the "Macrovision detected Capture Disabled" error message from the Adaptec website says


Macrovision detected: capture disabled.trnsp.gif

Question Macrovision detected: Capture disabled.


This information applies to the following Product(s):


- VideOh! CD (AVC-1100)

- VideOh! CD (AVC-1200)

- VideOh! PCI (AVC-2000)

- VideOh! DVD (AVC-2200)

- VideOh! DVD Media Center PCI (AVC-2410)

- VideOh! DVD Media Center USB (AVC-2310)

- VideOh! PCI (AVC-2010)

- VideOh! DVD (AVC-2210)

This information applies to the following Operating System(s):


- Windows Millennium Edition (ME)

- Windows 98 Second Edition

- Windows XP

- Windows 2000trnsp.gifAnswer What Is Macrovision?


Macrovision is a copyright protection system used on some commercial Video tapes and DVDs.


The Macrovision copyright protection system is designed to protect commercial Media content from illegal duplication. Due to legal restraints, Adaptec cannot assist in attempting to bypassing Macrovision copyright protection for any reason




There is a Contact Support page in the link given above.

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