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Lead Out Problem



Hi there,


I just bought Toast 7 and I am using it on a mac dual 2.0 (10.4.4). Well the problem is that I need to burn DVD's with 4.2GB content and most everytime I have to restart my mac because the Toast seems to freeze or hang when it comes to write the "lead out". I will have to force quit Toast 7 and restart my mac when this happens (otherwise I can't get the DVD out).


I successfully burned many DVD's with Apples own burn features but I am very dissapointed with Toast at this point. I made a few more tests and nothing seems to help. What I noticed is that TOAST eats up all my existing RAM (2.5GB) and dosn't give the RAM free anymore. I think this could be an indication and it looks like THIS is the problem. A memory leak.


Can anybody help? I have the latest version of Toast (7.0.2)




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Oftentimes this is a media or drive firmware issue. It is happening when writing to the outer part of the disc where quality-control may have been lax. In addition to trying different media, I suggest choosing Save as Disc Image from the Toast File menu and then burning the resulting image file using the Copy window. Sometimes this prevents such issues.

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Thanks for your input guys.


tsantee, I doubt that this is a firmware issue but I am not sure actually. The thing is that when I use apples own burning features that I don't get this kind of problem but only with TOAST 7. The RAM get's eaten up and will not be set free once eaten. It sounds like a memory leak in the software in my opinion but then again I am not a programmer.


Anybody else here with experience on this topic?



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