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I don't know if text can be added in DVD Slideshow, because I have never used it. Use VideoWave to create your slide show, and you can add text to whatever slides that you want.


It can be done but there is a glitch in the program that doesn't allow one to edit the text once it is added. I think the issue is that if you reopen the slide show to edit, you can't see the added text. It is there when you do a final preview of the slide show in MyDVD.


If you don't care, select an image and just above where the images are there is the letter "A" with a plus sign. Click on that and a window will open where you can add the text, and change the font, color etc.


As grandpabruce said, it is best to do your slide show projects In Video Wave and create your DVD - menus, navigation, projects added -- in MyDVD.

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