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Genuine Windows Vista sold only 244 copies in whole of China

The Highlander

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Whilst Microsoft was bragging about the sales number of their latest OS Windows Vista,

and in China there are millions who are using Vista but

few would actually know that they have only managed to sell 244 copies in the whole of China in the first 2 weeks. You heard that right, and that’s the number quoted from the headquarters of the Windows Vista chief (90% national volume) distributor in Beijing.


Say no more?

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The Chinese have, in general, managed to avoid MS taxation for years (Bill Gates great ambition always was to get them to actually pay for it)


The reason - it seems way back when Windows 95 came along, MS used their programmers in Taiwan to produce the Chinese language version. They snuck in all sorts of anti-communist slogans into the OS and that went down like a lead ballon in the People's Republic, so on principle, they had this hang-up about paying for it :lol:

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