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Burning a 720p DivX File to a DVD

David L


I'm burning a DivX file, its in 720p (720x1280), I figured out how to burn them to get them to fit the tv screen on playback but is there any other way? I edit the video file and output as the highest quality mpeg. And then from there go to create DVD, and burn DVD-Video, Project Settings and then Change the resolution to the 420 one... But with it still on highest quality. The resulting DVD is not at ALL the quality of a hollywood dvd, while on the computer the DivX file is AMAZING quality. The file DivX file is 2.5gb for 48:00 Min of video, 25 frames/second, 24 bit. I want to play back the dvd on a standard 4:3 television, is there some other method I can do to burn a DVD from the file that will have good playback quality on the television. If I watch just mpeg file on the computer after converting it, (on highest quality), I notice a HUGE decrease in quality. Any suggestions or am I stuck?



I'm burning a dvd using the DivX to DVD feature. I'll let you know how that looks, but I already suspect that it will a little, little, better quality, but won't fit the screen, I'll keep it posted.


I'm using a single layer DVD-R. But the video IS only 48:00mins long. Just thought that I'd add that bit of info.



So the picture looks AWESOME. But... there is no sound. #$^@.. ::sigh:: story of my life. Any idea's? In the burn from DivX menu, the little button that says preview/edit video, there is sound. The sound in the video is encoded with AC3, so its not like its anything unusual, and if it was the codec it would have sound in the preview? lol

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WEll you best bet would be to have a DVD Player that will play HD DivX files. That way, all you need to do is burn a DATA DVD and skip all the video editing stuff.


But with it still on highest quality. The resulting DVD is not at ALL the quality of a hollywood dvd,
And NEVER will be. Hollywood movies are produced on computer farms consisting of THOUSANDS of computers. Consumer software can't match that.


Since the clip is only 48 min:

Open MyDVD

Create a new project - create a menu or select DVD no menu

Add the file and burn

MyDVD will automatically burn it at the highest quality possible. There is nothing else you can do.

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