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Mossberg's computer purchasing recommendations


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Do all his articles start off saying "I haven't tested this, but . . . " ?

No, in fact he VERY RARELY says that. Most of his columns have to do with the results of having tested various software and hardware.


Hmmm ... Brendon ... I assumed your eagle eye spotted something I didn't.


I have gone back thru the article, and can't find anything where he says "I haven't tested this".


Walt Mossberg has multiple PCs and Macs, and has tested both Vista (multiple Versions) and OS X in regard to software, in regard to upgrades, and in regard to various types of computers and periphals.


But I'm sure you wouldn't've asked that unless you caught something I didn't, so please, guide me to where I missed something :)



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Brendon was referring to this previous post. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...amp;hl=Mossberg

He already answered it there. It is not part of THIS thread. The column in question was a response to over 700 emails for his column from the week before, which (wish I'd kept the statistic at the time, but I think) was the most emailed column for the week.


If Walt Mossberg wasn't any good, he would not have continued to write his weekly column for the WALL STREET JOURNAL since 1991. And quoting, "For seven years in a row, 1995-2001, he was named as the most influential journalist writing about computers, in the annual ranking published by Technology Marketing magazine."



His columns are one of the few things you can read from the WALL STREET JOURNAL without either subscribing or buying a copy or having someone email it to you.



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Actually, Brendon, I had thought others might find the information useful.


And, altho I think you know how to count if you try, in the article on how to get the junk removed from a new comptuer (and I've just updated the URLs since the main URL is only for the CURRENT column), the phrase you object to is in the FOURTH paragraph, as the first of 5 options. Perhaps the reason it is listed first is because it is easier.


Of course, what you think you are objecting to is if someone gives an opinion without trying something (based on other people's reviews) and doesn't label it as such.


As long-time Speaker of the US House of Representatives observed, "It takes a good carpenter to build a barn, but any jackass can kick it down."


I'm sure you will have fun figuring out some way to attack this post, now that it is posted.



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