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Burn Video Files Not Working



I have upgraded from DVDit Pro to DVDit Pro HD and since that upgrade, the program will not burn "video files" (i.e., video_ts). After finishing my project I can burn to "disc" or to "iso" file, but if I choose "video files" it goes through the entire process fine (including "writing files") and then gets to the last stage which is "flushing internal buffers" and then crashes. Since it has passed the "writing files" stage I checked the folder to see if, in fact, the video_ts and other folders were there but they are not.


The project is fairly simple (like I said, it will burn to disc and iso) and I've tried it several times. I want to output to video files so that I can use the video_ts folder to make an enhanced DVDs with eDVD. Right now I'm getting around this problem by burning to disc and then copying the video_ts folder to my hard drive but that is just an extra step and shouldn't be necessary. Has anyone else had a problem burning to video files using DVDit Pro HD? Also, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm just bumping this to the top since it's been a month and no response AND the fact that I am still having the same problem--DVDit Pro HD will not burn "video files" (i.e., video_ts) but will burn directly to disc or to an iso file. Has anyone else had this problem or have an idea why this is happening?


My hardware is well within specs for the program and is the exact same system I used for DVDit Pro 6 which had no problems burning the video files.

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Scott, thanks for the response. The project wasn't much different from many others I have done--a first play video, a menu and 6 menu items and a play all playlist. Since I never received any answer to my original post and that project needed to be completed a few weeks ago, I went with an ISO file instead of the video_ts folder. The reason I wanted to output to "video files" was to be able to use it as part of an enhanced DVD using eDVD.


I don't have all the original files from that project still on my computer so I cannot play around with it anymore to try and get it to work. Just as a test, yesterday I loaded a single short (5-minute) video into DVDit Pro HD (no menus) and it did create a video_ts folder. I will now have to wait until I have another more complex project to see if the problem is still there.


Like I said in my original post, this was the first real project that I had attempted since upgrading to the latest version of the program.

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