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Easy CD Creator 4.02 changes Data CD to Audio CD

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I use the Easy CD Creator Version 4.02 on a Windows 98 OS (LG CD RW CED-8080B) and on occasion after successfully adding pics to a data CD-RW already containg pics, it becomes an Audio CD seemingly on its own. This seems to happen during a time when the CD is not being accessed but is still in the drive.


When this happens and the CD is accessed, the REAL Player program on my computer attempts to open it but cannot.


I am able to access these files thru ISOBUSTER and errors are found on the last files added.


Any suggestions/comments are GREATTLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope you aren't "backing up" you data with CD-RWs. If you are already having to use ISOBuster to get to the data, that indicates the CD-RW isn't going to be readable much longer.


And Brendon's reply in the thread Terry linked to also indicates it's on the way out.


Here's some more info on the risks of RW and formatting (Packet-Writing) - it applys to all Versions, and all brands.




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One other problem you might be having is related to your use of a Real player.


The Adaptec burn engine was licenced to several other software providers and was used in Windows Media Player 7.1 and higher, Music Match Juke Box, and Real players. Since it was the same engine (but a different version) as used by ECDC 4 and 5, many people found that installing those programs would interfere with ECDC 4 or 5.


If getting a new RW disc doesn't cure your problem, may I suggest you uninstall both ECDC and the Real player, use the Roxizap uninstaller, and then reinstall Easy Cd Creator alone.


If a new RW disc fixes the problem, then don't touch the software because you must be one of the lucky people who has the programs peacefully coexisting, and you don't want to disturb that.

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