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MyDVD or Creator Classic for DVDs?

Cold Steel


After installing and reinstalling Version 9 a half dozen times, I finally have it working...sorta.


DiscCopy now shows my video files, but reports: "Compressing DVD" even though the files don't need compressing to fit on a standard DVD+R. And twice it's written 99 percent to the disk, then fails. The tech support folks want me to use MyDVD, but really, I'd rather just use Creator Classic. But I don't know what the Properties setting should be set for. I understand "No Bridge" should be set for the second parameter, but what about the first?


Chris said he'd send me an e-mail addressing the problem with MyDVD, but it's been over an hour and nothing's arrived.


Can anyone offer any advice?



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In Classic, for a DVD Movie – UDF, No Bridge and be sure to check Read Only after you click Burn.


Classic will not allow you to have the needed VIDEO_TS folder! Work around, create a New Folder and rename it to VIDEO_TS. Then copy the ifo, bup and vob files into it.


Some Player require the empty AUDIO_TS folder to be present to play a DVD Movie. That is easy, just create one like you did with the VIDEO_TS folder…

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Thanks for the comments and the suggestions.


This makes me wonder whether I should set the UDF, no bridge as the default setting, as my Classic Creator 6 seem to do everything perfectly: from the creating of DVDs to writing folders and files.


Any thoughts?

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