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How to make DVDit Pro HD 6.3 support *.ts file?



Dear All Brothers,


i'm a new DVDit Pro HD 6.3 user, i would like to know that can DVDit Pro HD 6.3 support *.ts file format?

if yes, please tell me how...


i'm sorry if this is stupid question to all of you... ;)

but...i'm a newbie in the DVD authoring..


please help me.


Thanks & regards



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Dear mmace & plee,


first of all thank for the reply, i did use the HDTVtoMPEG2 before, but the picture quality is not that good and it always error during the convertion process.


i do agreed that H264 format getting popular now a day.


in fact i'm new in video encoding & decoding..


can both of you suggest to me what program i should use if i want to convert the 1080P HD ts format file to DVD?


currently i have downloaded alot of ts file from the net. the file size is:-


1. TS file around 4.3GB

2. SRT file (subtitle)from 10kb to 150kb


so what kind of program should i use in order to convert the above file into one DVD5 disc?


please help.

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TS is a container format that can have different audio and video codecs in them, the most popular video formats being MPEG2 and h.264 (with h.264 slowly becoming more popular than MPEG2 as more and more people from Europe get HDTV and cap their OAR films, and even 1 US broadcaster is moving to h.264 too with more to follow in the future)


what codec is the TS file you are trying to use?


if it's mpeg2 then you can do as suggegsted and run it through HDTV2MPEG2, although it's unstable and may give you errors on the finished file (even the programmer says you should use the commercial VideoReDo rather than their own software)


if the TS file uses a different codec (or this will work with MPEG2 too) then run it through procoder, there's some settings to use on a post on this forum

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