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Help, please, my head hurts



Hi, any and all help will be greatly appreciated - and will stop the head trauma I am getting from slamming it into the wall.


I have been wrestling with this for hours, trying to make a simple DVD. I have read over the forums, searched them up and down, and tried every suggestion I could find. I have followed the clean install instructions to the letter, I have tried opening it from the start menu, converting the files, whatever, nothing works.


I post in here because I have Vista, but whether or not that's the problem, I have no idea.


I am new to all this, so I am sure some things are my problem, so I'll just describe the things I am sure are not.


1. The big one. I have a bunch of files I want to turn into a DVD. They are WMV files. So I can load them into any of the sub-programs, the createdvd, easy dvd, etc... and I can see the menu, and the list of the movies...


But in the box in the bottom left called "project view", if I click on the "movies" tab, I see the list of movies, then *bam* "the program has stopped working" aas soon as I try to click on any of them to change the order. Every time.


So I load in some different file types and it seems to work correctly.


2. So, I think, perhaps incorrectly, that I should convert my files to something else. So I go to the convert video tool (which inside actually is labeled as a video compilation tool or something) and lo and behold it lets me add them in and change the order and actually start burning a dvd. But it takes four hours (conversion most of that, I believe) and when it is done, i can load the dvd and see the menu, but if I try to click on of the movies, the program uses all my resources and hangs forever.


I tried it in my stand alone dvd player and it showed the menu and then said dvd error and quit.


3. So I tried just converting one of these files to mpeg, using the convert video program (disc copier) and as soon as I try to save as, the program crashes. Every time.


So I have no idea what the problem is or how I fix it. I'm not savvy about this, but that's why I bought Roxio... the reviews said it was the most intuitive and easiest for newcomers. I must be extra stupid, then, because it isn't easy for me yet. To be fair, it seems like it SHOULD be easy, it seems like I am doing what I am supposed to do, intuitively... but not much I can do when the program stops working.


So any help would be hugely appreciated.


Oh, and my system specs:


Windows Vista Home Premium- 32

Intel Pentium D 2.80 GHz

2 gigs RAM

Sony Vaio


NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS


anything else?

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