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Legal MPEG-2 streams that pass through DVDit Pro HD

SS Scott


Many people have expressed the desire to encode their content in an encoder outside of DVDit Pro HD and to have that video simply pass through DVDit Pro HD without additional transcoding. The following are some of the settings that this community has generated in a variety of encoding tools. If you have used other tools or other settings and have successfully generated BD compliant video, please post your findings here:


Adobe Premiere Pro

File | Export | Adobe Media Encoder

Format: MPEG2

Preset: 1080 60i

Mbps: up to 40 (though 25 is probably all you need)


Export as separate video and audio files for best compatability.





Procoder 2: http://sixgilldv.com/www/gallery/BluRay%20...%20settings.jpg


Procoder Express: http://sixgilldv.com/www/gallery/Procoder%...%20settings.jpg


MPEG 2 HD 1920x1080i


Generic ISO MPEG stream

MPEG-2 Elementary Stream

Width 1920

Height 1080

29.975 Frame Rate NTSC

Upper/Top Field First


High Quality Encoding

Use Closed GOP (checked)


1 pass

18300 bitrate (you can play around with this)

Prolile/Level MP@HL

Intra DC Precision 9

Use Strict GOP bitrate control (checked)

Use Audio if Exist

Audio Stream Type PCM/WAV

Sample rate 48.0

Channels 2 ch

Bits/Sample 16


for 720p, change video size to 1280x720 and choose "no-interlace"





Sony Vegas 7.03 - use "Blu-print" export option





Apple Compressor


File Extension: m2v

Video Encoder

Format: M2V

Width: 1920

Height: 1080

Pixel aspect ratio: square

Crop: None

Frame rate: 29.97

Frame Controls:

Retiming: Nearest Frame

Resize Filter: Linear Filter

Deinterlace Filter: Line Averaging

Adaptive Details: On

Antialias: 0

Detail Level: 0

Field Output: Same as Source

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Field dominance: Top first

Average data rate: 21.1 (Mbps)

1 Pass VBR enabled

Maximum data rate: 25 (Mbps)

High quality

Best motion estimation

Closed GOP Size: 15, Structure: IBBP


<<Note from TominIowa>>


For Final Cut and Compressor users, please make sure to,


In Final Cut changed the

"Sequence Setting",

"Starting TimeCode"


to 00:00:00;00 instead of the default value of 01:00:00;00.


If you don't, chapter markers may not work.






Load the MPEG File Output Template and make the following settings:


Output Stream Type: Elementary stream (video only)


Video Menu:

Stream Format: MPEG-2 Video

Profile & Level: MP@HL

Size: 1920x1080

Aspect Ratio: 16x9

Framerate: 29.97 fps

Rate Control: VBR (Bitrate: 15000, Max:18500, Min:4000) Should be able to jiggle this or use CBR

VBV Buffer Size: 488

Video System: NTSC

DC Component...: 9 bit

Display Mode: Interlace

Field order: Top Field First

Motion Search...: Standard


GOP Menu:

I pictures: 1

P Pictures: 5

B pictures: 2

GOP frames: 18

check all three boxes


Quantization Menu:

Matrix Type: Default


Other Menu:

Check Optimize Half Pixel and Encode keyframe

For each Colorspace setting select ITU-R BT.709 (this is important!)


You can then save this as a custom template.




Sorenson Squeeze 4.5


Use Blu-ray template(s)



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No.. this does not work in PAL.. has anyone managed to get this to work using 1080i footage.

Does anyone have any settings.? So far I have had no luck with either compressor in PAL with 1080i or Squeeze 4.5






Sorenson Squeeze 4.5


Use Blu-ray template(s)



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No.. this does not work in PAL.. has anyone managed to get this to work using 1080i footage.

Does anyone have any settings.? So far I have had no luck with either compressor in PAL with 1080i or Squeeze 4.5






Sorenson Squeeze 4.5


Use Blu-ray template(s)




I have used Squeeze 4.5 templates and they "do work for PAL"

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I noticed Cleaner XL 1.5 is not on the list. Here are my settings:


Output Profile: MPEG-2 HD Film 1920x1080 (Elementary)

Preset: HD MPEG-2 1920x1080 (MPEG-2, NTSC, 1920x1080, 23.976 fps)

Stream Type: Elementary Video and Audio



Format: PCM Audio

Channels: Stereo

Sample Rate: 48 KHz



Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Frame Format: Progressive

GOP Pattern: IBBPBBP...

GOP Size: 6

Chroma: 4:2:0

Bit Rate Control: 2-pass VBR

Average: 30000 Kbps

Minimum: 20000 Kbps

Maximum: 40000 Kbps

Motion Estimation: Maximum

Best Quality: Checked


Some notes on the above settings... Chroma of 4:2:2 will not work. Aspect Ratio can also be set to Square Pixel (VGA). Bit Rate can be changed, but the maximum cannot exceed 40000 Kbps. Frame Rate is an important one. Always encode to the same Frame Rate as the original source, to avoid unnecessary interpolation. HD film is shot at 24 fps (progressive), so keep it as close to this as possible. I'm not quite sure why most of the presets posted for other programs are using 29.97 fps.


Hope this helps.




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Hi there,


At the request of SS Scott, I am posting some information about how to modify certain types of streams so that they are compatible with DVDit Pro HD and can be authored to Blu-ray images with no encoding.


The sources:


Broadcasts over the air or on cable typically use MPEG2 Transport Streams. Blu-ray discs use... Transport Streams! Seems like a match made in heaven! Close, but often no cigar.


While Blu-ray uses MPEG2 video and AC3 audio, some of the broadcast sources have issues that result in the need for recoding as seen by DVDit Pro HD.


The two main causes that I will discuss here are encoded data rate and long GOP.


For encoded data rate, Blu-ray disc is capable of up to 40 bps bitrate for the video. Sadly some broadcast streams, while usually well below this rate, have a header that specifies the originating bitrate which can be as high as 65 Mbps.


The long GOP is an even bigger concern - a number of broadcast sources have a GOP that is well over the Blu-ray specified maximum (which varies depending on the format of the source, frame rate, progressive, etc.). For example, my local NBC affiliate broadcasts transport streams with long GOPs.


There is a utility though that allows us to fix these problems at the same time as demuxing the video and audio into mpv and ac3 files.


The program is called VideoRedo and can be evaluated before purchase at videoredo.com.


As a bonus you can use the frame accurate editing features and stream fix features to manipulate the video.


But I will focus on how to fix the formatting to help certain sources work with DVDit Pro HD.


When you start the program you will be prompted by the big button to open the video file. Select the TS file that you want to fix.


You can use the Ctrl-L keys to see the statistics on the file. If the reported bitrate is above 40, that is one thing that you will need to fix.


Do any edits that you want and then go to the Save As... button to create the new files.


If you have not made any changes it will ask if you want to remux the entire file - the answer of course is yes.


Before setting it going, we need to change some things.


For the Save As Type, change that to "Elementary Streams (*.mpv)".


Then on the bottom right, select the options.


For Bitrate, if you need to change it you can select something suitable. It needs to be higher than the real max in the stream. Typically for Over the Air broadcast, the real bitrate cannot be more than 20 so that is fine. 30 is a pretty safe bet also for other sources.


In the Max GOP length, a safe number to use is 17. This will ensure that there are no GOPs longer than 17 frames. This should not do anything if this is already the case - if needed the program will encode new I frames from P or B frames and create shorter GOPs this way. This takes a while and you can tell by the dialogue box if it is doing this.


With the bitrate and GOP length set, you can hit OK and then Save and it should demux the TS into the two files which can then be imported into DVDit Pro HD as media assets.


Hope this helps.



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In Procoder 3 If I use the Preset under Application Specific / MediaEdgeHDMA-4000 and then select

MPEG2 - MediaEdge/HDMA-4000 - HD - 1920x1080i - 25fps

I get a beautifully compliant stream on import, except when played or viewed in DVDit Pro HD, it is upside down. !!


Any suggestions?





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Ok, so why is it that NONE of the settings above work in PAL. Does anyone have any settings for either Pro Coder 3 / Compressor 3, Squeeze 4.5 for 1080i/25 HD footage that will work as pass through.


I'd be happy to use the internal encoder if it wasn't restircted to only encoding or importing files that are on a local drive.

We capture all our footage to a Raid5 on a mac and it seems rather stupid and workflow restictive to me that I can't import and work with footage over a network.







that is invariably a codec issue, but I couldn't begin to tell you what needs to come off or or go onto the computer to solve it.
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A word to anyone trying to use third party compression: I turned on the “Do not import non-compliant files” option in the preferences panel of DVDit Pro HD, thinking it would be a good way to check the legality of my third party M2v when importing (the idea being that it would block any non-compliant M2v)


Well, it caused a lot of confusion when I received a "non-compliant" message. This however was a warning that my file was DVD non-compliant, not Blu-Ray non-compliant. So leave the "import all" option on and just watch the progress windows during your BD burn for a sign of transcoding. In my case the file was put through without recompression and burned fine.

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Okay. I did it again. Could not wait, so I got the Pioneer BDR202B and am trying to make my first Blue-ray disc on a BD-RE disk (don't wish to waste a lot of money on mistakes made on BD-R disks!). I have recorded an HD video on my Sony HDR-HC5, captured it in Pinnacle Studio 10 Plus, created an mpeg-2 file in the 1080i mode, and used DVDit Pro HD to create the Blue-ray disk. Have not yet been able to create one successfully. Something is burning on the disk because each time I try a new one I have to overwrite whatever is on there. Perhaps 1080i is too much to expect for my Gateway GT5040 Media machine (currently 3.5 Gb of internal memory). So, I am trying to now burn at 720p. But, regardless, I keep getting an error on DVDit Pro HD that indicates that the imported file from Pinnacle Studio 10 Plus might contain non-compatible elements. Anyone else in this situation? Or, anyone out there have any suggestions that can cut down on my trial and error time? :glare:

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Well, I think that is the crux of it. My GT5040 does not even have the horsepower to play back Blue-ray. Looks like I will need a new processor (dual core or equivalent) which probably means a new computer. Not sure, but I am sure learning a lot (the hard way).



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Dear Scott,


Judging from your information, I simply guess DVDit Pro HD won't accept H.264 stream as an asset. I have Final Cut Studio 2 and HD DVD creation was supported and am looking for proper tool for BD creation.


My questions are:


1) if DVDit Pro HD can read H.264 ES prepared with third party encoder such as Apple Compressor and MainConcept.


in case it reads H.264...


2) does it use original H.264 stream and just multiplex in building BD data/disc?



Your kind assistance will be appreciated.




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