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Order of Clips in Sound Editor's Mix Editor



I have been working with the Mix Editor in the Sound Editor. I just now noted that, if I drag clips left (later) in the track, the sequence changes, sometimes by quite a lot. For example, I want to add a new audio file or cut and paste an existing clip into the same track after Clip 2. So, I dragged Clips 3 to the end left to leave a gap for the insertion. But, then I noticed that (after dragging but before inserting) the sequence would change to, for example, Clip 4, then Clip 3, then Clip 5. Sometimes, Clip 3 would be much later in the track order.


Is this normal or a "normal" bug? It seems that the further the clips are dragged, the more out of sequence.


To get a gap to insert a file, does it matter how long the gap is? Does it have to be as long as the clip to be inserted?


Any ideas and commenst will be sincerely appreciated. Many thanks for your help.

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