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HP Integrated Webcam crashes video import

richard sugg


Using Roxio Media Import, I can see my HP webcam listed as a device after clicking on video. I can take exactly 11 seconds of video before it fails with a "source error" and offers to save the file. The file is 0 length.


I am not using the Aero interface when this occurs.

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Are you using the Dazzel device with EMC9.5 Deluxe?

can you post a bit of info on how you are getting the video into your system, and can you post a bit more info on your hardware, vista version, EMC version ect ect


My system info is in my signature, and I'm using EMC 9 (just downloaded last night). To import video, I open Roxio Media Import, click on Video, select "HP Pavilion Webcam, then click the capture button. After 11 seconds, I get the error.


oh yeah, and no DVC.

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I found a way to fix it. There's an update available for Vista Ultimate. It's called Windows XP Home edition. As soon as I applied the update, everything worked fine.


Thanks, Roxio.


I think you meant Microsoft. ;) XP works for me, too. Glad to hear you got it resolved.

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are you saying that it's a driver issue with the dv9000's webcam? The webcam seems to work just fine in quickplay, yahoo messenger, and muvee producer, so while new drivers might make it more compatible with Roxio, it seems that Roxio's media import also has its own problems.

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Every time I run Roxio...it sees my HP dv9000 camera.

The first few times, it "recorded" ...0 length file.

Now is just says the device did not open properly.

In order to get QuickPlay to work again, I have to reinstall the driver...

What gives here?


-- Rex

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