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TDK inkjet printable BD-R discs now available



I don't know if anyone is interested on this forum but some of you may be doing wedding/event work and producing BD-R discs for clients - TDK inkjet printable (right up to the hub) BD-R discs are just being shipped - a company in California has received a few spindles (they come in packs of 25 discs on a spindle) - www.mediadistributors.com - they don't have it on their website yet but email : mario@mediadistributors.com and he can ship you the product.

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Imation is now shipping Blu-Ray inkjet printable media with "aqua guard" water resistant coating. I'll be getting some next week. This is the very last component of my transition to HD editing.




I got the Imation discs from Primera on their website store (approx 3-4 weeks ago) - for a 10 disc spindle cost was $ 240.00 - I was disappointed though for the fact that they have a 4 cm in diameter central area which does not have the printable coating (clear plastic).


I just received my TDK discs - 25 disc spindle for $ 412 - $ 16.50 per disc (vs $ 24/disc from Primera) AND they are printable up to the hub with just a small clear plastic area - central non-printable diameter is 2.5 cm vs the 4 cm on the other disc.


Since TDK and Imation are merging (can't remember which one bought out the other) I suspect the Imation discs will be discontinuted in favor of the TDK hub printable discs.

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