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Error message saying files are corrupted?



I upgraded to 9 on my laptop here. My Os is xp its been a good machine but while on vacation not too long ago I picked up a virus. I have a good computer shop locally and they had auctually repaired my laptop. (but they told me that I needed to put my other software back in) Now before the problem I had bought emc9 online and installed it no problems and used it and was happy. Now after I got it back I threw in the back up disc that I had bought with it and started loaded it back on to my laptop again. I had wrote down the order numbers and had thought that those were what I needed to enter for the code. I was wrong and remembered what I had needed. The program ended itself and I went back online and got the proper numbers. I went back to try to reload and when I did and every time (even with the file that was saved on my laptop ) I keep getting the same error message that says "The contents of this file cannot be upacked. The executable you are attempting to run has been corrupted. Please obtain another copy of the file and verify its intergrity and try again." I tried to go back online and download but I got the message that it had been to many days past my purchase.

I tried system restore and but no luck. I know at one point during the original instal and the attempted download the other day that I was asked to remove the sonic dla. I had put my startup disc back in and reloaded the dla thinking that maybe it needed to be there to do the download but still no luck. I am ready to bring it back in but I am here asking what I should do. Can anyone help???

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If your purchased backup disc is corrupted, you'd need to contact Customer Services to enquire about a replacement.


However, a couple of things you can try for yourself:


First - make sure the disc surface is clean (surprising how often a thumbprint will stop a disc from operating)


Second - try copying the file to the hard drive and run it from there


Third - try extracting the contents to a temp folder on the hard drive (if it's a one piece .exe) by right clicking on it and 'Open with Winzip' (if you have that installed - Winrar will also work) and then run setup.exe from the extracted files

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